Board forms special committee for innovation and technology

School board members and administrators met on Tuesday June 26 as part of a Special Committee for Innovation and Technology, a new venture that aims to strategically review the district’s current technology programs and to develop new initiatives.

“The basics of reading and mathematics will never change, but the application of these basics is constantly changing,” said Dr. Cesar Maldonado, HCISD board president. “Effective use of technology and development of innovative approaches will grow in importance and become imbedded in the basic function of public education.”

The committee, which includes board members Dr. Nolan Perez, George McShan and Javier DeLeon as well as Superintendent Dr. Steve Flores and Deputy Superintendent for Transformational Leadership Dr. Arturo Cavazos, will meet regularly to discuss the district’s technology plan, areas for expansion of technology utilization and advise the district on funding and implementation strategies.

“Preparing students for the 21st century is a challenge we embrace,” Superintendent Dr. Steve Flores said. “We have teachers and staff already in place to set the standard for innovation and technology in our classrooms. Now we are trying to build on top of our successes and develop effective strategies that work for our students and families.”

During the initial meeting, committee members discussed the digital classroom initiative, Information Literacy Centers at Harlingen High School and Harlingen High School South and the 2011-2012 Student Technology Survey.

“The work of the Special Committee for Technology and Innovation is intended to provide the framework to integrate these issues into the district’s strategic plan,” Maldonado said. “The presence of technology alone will not bring our students a higher level of success nor will it help our teachers in their critical roles as mentors and educators. It will be the effective and innovative use of technology that will result in increased student achievement.”
View photos from the committee’s first meeting by clicking here.

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