United Launch Alliance awards grant to ECHS Engineering Club

Joseph Rigdon engineering club sponsor, Dr. Cavazos, Principal Dr. Pamela Flores, and Ralph Luaces, Manufacturing Engineering Manager at ULA, with the ECHS Engineering Club

Early College High School’s engineering team received a boost from a United Launch Alliance grant to work toward another successful competition season.

The ULA presented the ECHS engineering club with a check totaling $1,333. The funds will go towards purchasing materials used by students for various robotic competitions.

“We’re excited to be here today with the support of the United Launch Alliance,” said Superintendent Dr. Art Cavazos. “We are thankful for their generous donation to our robotics program at Early College High School. The engineering club here at ECHS is doing some amazing things, so we’re excited to have this opportunity to show our ULA sponsor that there is substantial interest in STEM and that kids are really excited about the program.”

“It feels great to have the support of the ULA because without the grants that he’s been giving us we wouldn’t be able to get into all of the competitions, buy all the parts and tools that we need to stand a chance in competitions,” said James Alexander Galvan, president of the engineering club. “With their donation, we don’t have to take time out of preparing for competition to go and fundraise.”

The ULA provides grants to support Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs at local schools. With the awarded funds, the ULA looks to facilitate an environment that increases interest in STEM-related fields.

“Thanks to Mr. Luaces and ULA,” said engineering club sponsor Joseph Rigdon. “They are the reason our students have the tools, parts, and replacements they need along with a chance at real-world experiences through competition.”

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