To the parents of HCISD: Superintendent Dr. Steve Flores’ message of school safety

Dear Parents,

 As more details emerge from the recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, our hearts and prayers continue to go out to their community. As I learned about the heroic efforts present that day, I couldn’t help but reflect on how much teachers and staff care for their students.

I understand that this event causes concern for your child’s safety at school. Allow me to assure you that we work to make our schools a safe place where you can leave your child with confidence. HCISD places the safety of your child and our staff as its top priority. However, our district recognizes the need for continuous modifications and adjustments to our safety protocols and procedures when necessary.

At HCISD, we remain diligent in overseeing who is allowed on our campuses, and we will continue to utilize our digital check in process. It is a requirement that all campus visitors check in and receive an identification badge at the front office. To receive a badge, a valid form of identification must be presented, and even then only a limited amount of access to the campus is given. Adults who have not checked in and received clearance should expect to be questioned and redirected to the front office. If these requirements have not been met, an individual will not be allowed access to any part of the campus. As a reminder, classroom doors that open directly to the outside will continue to remain locked during the school day.

As we reinforce these safety measures, we ask for the assistance of our students, teachers, staff members, administrators, parents and our entire community. Please support our efforts by consistently following these established procedures when you are on an HCISD campus. It is our collective efforts that will yield the most significant results.

In closing, our schools remain one of the safest environments for your child. With the winter break approaching, take time to reflect and to enjoy your child. As we enter 2013, we look forward to continuing to work together on your child’s behalf.

Thank you for your time and commitment to public education in our most outstanding community.


Dr. Steve Flores

Superintendent of Schools



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