Teacher of the Week: Rodriguez keeps curiosity alive in the classroom


Eighth grade English Language Arts teacher Bianca Rodriguez walks the halls of Gutierrez Middle School each morning with the hope of hearing her students ask the question “why?”

“Every time I do a lesson, I want them to ask “why?” said Rodriguez. “It keeps their curiosity and helps drive my lessons and teaching method. I encourage them to ask questions, and I’ll give them the best answer I can. The same thing is expected of them when I ask questions.”

Teaching for nine years, Rodriguez originally saw herself entering the field of medicine. It wasn’t until college where she reflected on the supportive teachers she had when she was young and her love of helping people that she decided to make the switch and pursue teaching.

“It was the right move for me,” said Rodriguez. “I’ve worked with tutoring programs, and while I was helping others learn I realized it was my calling.

Never looking back she takes every day as a new opportunity to help her students become critical thinkers, she said. To help facilitate her goal, she’s always looking for new tools to bring into the classroom, which has gotten a big boost from becoming a digital classroom teacher.

“It brings so much to our lessons,” said Rodriguez. “They have the information right on hand. They enjoy learning with it, and I like that I’m able to show them how to do effective research.

Technology is utilized in her classroom almost every day as her class frequently uses it to create poetry portfolios and presentations, she said.

Sharing the joy of helping others, Rodriguez also assists the campus as their National Junior Honor Society Sponsor. It’s’ a duty she looks forward to as she is able to work with her students on different community service projects. This year, the organization has helped raise funds for the Harlingen food pantry and cleaned up our local highway and beach, she said.

“We are part of our community, and why wouldn’t we give back,” said Rodriguez. “That’s the mindset I hope for all of our students to have. We should be proud of the city we call home and assist in any way we can.”

If she’s not in her classroom, you can find her rooting for her son’s soccer and track team and working on her completing her masters degree in curriculum and instruction.

2 thoughts on “Teacher of the Week: Rodriguez keeps curiosity alive in the classroom

  1. Congratulations, Ms. Rodriguez! I am glad to see such a hard-working and passionate educator receive some well-earned praise. Your students are blessed to have you as a teacher.

  2. What a wonderful teacher; keeping things relevant and interesting for the youth while helping them pursue their dreams. Thank you for your dedication!

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