Teacher of the Week: Ramos helps her students find their path with math


Cassandra Ramos loves coming into her classroom each day with the possibility of the day being unpredictable. To anyone else unpredictable may mean the amount of students in a classroom or the type of work that they will do, but to Ramos it means the type of math questions she will get from her students.

“At any given moment, I can be asked all sorts of math questions,” said Ramos. “I have to be prepared for any questions I get. It’s something I have a passion for, and I love that I’m able to help students at the same time.”

Ramos is the pre calculus teacher at Early College High School, and since starting right after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin,it  has further solidified her path as a math teacher. It may not have been her immediate choice, but it took the suggestions of friends to nudge her exactly where she needed to be, said Ramos.

“The funny thing is that I was one of those people who never saw myself becoming a teacher,” said Ramos. “Then in college, I would help all my friends with their math homework and everyone would tell me that I was really good at explaining it. Finally, it dawned on me that I should be a math teacher.”

Teaching ECHS students and tutoring Texas State Technical College students, math is never too far from her mind. She’s always on the search for how to make math an enjoyable experience for her students and ultimately share her the same sentiment of “math is fun,” she said.

Ramos’ efforts to keep learning engaging has gotten a boost from technology. She is currently part of the district’s Digital Classroom initiative that provides digital resources to instructors to enhance curriculum. With the added technological assistance, she has been able to develop ways to help multiple students on various topics at the same time, she said.

“I’ll make tutorial videos related to our lessons for students to use inside and outside of class time,” said Ramos. “This helps when students are asking questions on different topics. I can refer them to the videos, and they can follow the lesson step – by – step. They have me, the teacher, there to help them at all times through the technology. “

Taking math home with her, she also works as a math tutor for students at all grade levels during her spare time.

2 thoughts on “Teacher of the Week: Ramos helps her students find their path with math

  1. Congrats Ms. Ramos,
    They couldn’t have made a better choice. You show the kind of dedication that you rarely in young teachers. Early College is lucky to have you and I know that your students feel the same way. Keep up the great work that you’re doing and keep inspiring your students.

  2. Miss Ramos is an outstanding educator with a true passion for all students of ECHS. Congratulations Miss R.

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