Teacher of the Week: Gonzales creates learning adventures for her students


Amy Gonzales can remember sitting in her first grade class at Bonham Elementary School and hanging on every word that her teacher, Claudia Gonzalez, said throughout a lesson. Little did she know that those words would inspire her to pursue a passion that allows her to help students like Gonzalez had helped her in the past.

“I remember everything,” said Gonzales. “The way the classroom was set up and her positive energy every day. She inspired me. Everything happens for a reason and she inspired me to be where I am today.”

Gonzales is a second grade teacher at Rodriguez Elementary School and each day when she walks into her classroom, she welcomes a new day in what she likes to call her and her students “adventureland.”

“I like for my students to think that yes this is a classroom, but it’s also a place to learn and have adventures,” said Gonzales. “When we learn together, our activities are designed so it’s like we are going through a fun adventure park.”

To keep the energy high, the classroom activities are always changing and every lesson is an opportunity to her students to get hands-on learning experience. With changing lessons, students have to remain on their toes and be ready for any activity that may come their way, she said.

Her goal is for her students to develop independent learning skills and create the responsibilities that will bring out their individual leadership qualities, she said. She aims to create the groundwork for success for the next year, third grade, and beyond.

“There is a big change from the start of the year to the last day of school,” said Gonzales. “I want them to leave leaders and ready for anything they encounter.”

For her, the students and staff at Rodriguez Elemtnary are like family. She looks forward to walking in the campus every day to see the smiles on her students’ faces. Teaching for only four years, she attributes her fellow teachers, which includes Claudia Gonzalez, for helping her transition her first year.

“They took me under their wing and really helped me any way they could,” said Gonzales.

Going on her fourth year teaching, she looks forward to what the future will hold for her and her students.

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