Teacher of the Week: Bouls keeps minds and bodies active at HCISD


Gracie Bouls believes that an active mind is a product of an active body, and she practices that philosophy every day with her students.

Bouls is a Physical Education teacher at Bowie Elementary School. For over 10 years, she has worked to find new ways to get her students up and active. It’s a passion she’s had since a young age when she would help her fellow classmates with whatever she could.

“I’ve always liked helping kids,” said Bouls. “It has been a calling to help students that are struggling.”

As a former basketball player, she understood the role a coach can play in a student’s life, and tries to remain a positive influence to her students.  She lists that as being one of the greatest joys of teaching physical education, and that she gets to see her students transform throughout the years.

“Ever year, I get to see the students grow,” said Bouls. “There are students that I’ve had since Pre-K and see them all the way to fifth grade. I see the transition of their lives.”

It doesn’t stop at fifth grade. As an assistant coach for the Varsity Harlingen High School South girl’s basketball team, she often gets the opportunity to coach her former students and see their success both on and off the court.

In her classroom, she aims to help build future success by emphasizing the importance of extracurricular activities outside of school. Form Girl Scouts to baseball; she’s always encouraging students to share achievements from their activities with fellow classmates.

It’s a mentality she holds to her personal life as well. When not coaching, you can find her volunteering her time at her church, and offering her services for anything they would need.

Bouls is currently in her 18th year of teaching. Prior to teaching at Bowie, she served as a second grade teacher at Long Elementary School for 10 years.

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