Superintendent’s Message: Welcome back students and parents to a breakout year at HCISD

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During his August 2013 message, HCISD Superintendent Dr. Steve Flores welcomes the parents and students of Harlingen back for another monumental year. With a recap of the successes of the previous academic school year, new expectations are set for what will be HCISD’s breakout year.


August 2013 Message:

Welcome parents and students to another monumental school year at HCISD.

This school year will follow one of the most successful in our district’s history. We had a record number of students graduate, with many accepting scholarships to Ivy League Colleges and Universities. Our programs continue to be top ranked in the nation and state. Including our high school ROTC programs, which were both nationally recognized. Our Hawk UIL Academics and Cardinal SKILLS USA teams who had multiple state champions named this year. Also, our softball and football teams who made district history during their competition seasons.

Our district continues to transform, and this summer has been the busiest HCISD has encountered. This fall, the Dr. Abraham P. Cano Freshmen Academy, the Performing Arts Center and district AG Farm will open to serve the students at HCISD. Our Dual Language Academies will expand to Sam Houston, Lamar and Wilson Elementary School. We will also add 68 digital classrooms to our campuses to accompany the 20 that were established last school year.

These are only a couple of components that make up our districts transformation to meet the needs of our students and provide them with the tools for success in the 21st century.

To represent this transformation, our district wide message will be Breaking Ground in a New World. Our campuses will display this message with honor as we all collectively work to transform our classrooms while continuing to take great pride in accelerating the three A’s, which are Academics, the Fine Arts and Athletics.

With the transformation of education continuing to take place on our campuses, we want to assure you that our expectations for excellence, both academically and district wide, have not changed. In fact, the expectations we hold for our students and staff members grow after each monumental year.

We expect our students to perform at a higher level inside and outside the classroom and actively participate in their classes. While meeting these high academic standards, we also expect our students to achieve great success in their extracurricular activities while involving themselves in our community.

These expectations spread to our parents, who we encourage to take an active role in their child’s education.

We are confident that these expectations will be met, because at HCISD we have strong tradition of student and parent excellence, along with a supportive community working with our district toward student advancement.

We are honored that you have made HCISD your choice for education, and look forward to embarking on what will be HCISD’s breakout year.

Thank you for your time and commitment to public education in our most outstanding community.

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