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Moving from one school to another can be very challenging for any student. Valeria Bautista Misakova, fifth grade student at Travis Elementary, not only moved from one school to another, but she moved from one country to another.

Valeria started elementary school in Mexico and then moved to the United States to begin second grade at Travis. She had to learn a whole new language in addition to learning new things at school.

As the English language has become more familiar to Valeria, she has developed a love for reading.

“During the summer I read all of the Hunger Games books, and I also went to the Mockingjay premier,” said Valerie. “I was so happy to see the story play out in front of me.”

Along with reading, choir has facilitated her transition into English. She recently performed with her choir in the All-City Choir Concert at the HCISD Performing Arts Center.

“The day of the All-City Choir Concert we practiced all day with other elementary school choirs in Harlingen,” said Valeria. “It was exciting to perform in a big group for all those people.”

Her favorite subject is science because she has enjoyed learning about Earth and the moon.

“I like seeing photos of Earth from a distance; it looks like it’s floating,” said Valeria “We’ve learned about the different characteristics of the moon and the planets. I’d like to put a space suit on one day.”

Continuing to maintain good grades, Valeria hopes that her education will take her far, so that she can fulfill her dream of one day becoming an astronaut.

She also remains active by participating in Boys and Girls Club sports activities. In fourth grade she played co-ed flag football and this year she is playing basketball.


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