Sam Houston Elementary hosts first chess tournament for HCISD

Sam Houston Elementary will make Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District history by hosting the district’s first chess tournament on Oct. 13.

The Oktoberfest Chess Tournament will be in celebration of National Chess Day. The competition will bring together students from across HCISD and the Rio Grande Valley.

In the past weeks, a number of students competing have been practicing every day after school, said George Rohrer; Sam Houston chess coach and volunteer. The students’ experience levels varied, but they were able to understand and play the game quickly.

The competition is an official United States Chess Federation (USCF) tournament. All rules and regulation will strictly follow to the USCF guidelines.

Only current USFC members were permitted to register, and are required to bring their own boards, chess pieces, pencils and clocks.

The first 600 participants were given the opportunity to select Kinder, K-3, K-5 or K-12 to compete in. Players were allowed to register to play above their division, but not below their grade level.

The chess players at HCISD took home multiple awards at a previous tournament hosted by Miller Jordan Middle School.

One thought on “Sam Houston Elementary hosts first chess tournament for HCISD

  1. I am so proud of Sam Houston students who are so interested in learning and playing chess. It teaches them so many skills. Thank you to all coaches! Good luck in your tournament.

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