Person of the Week: Hernandez creates pathways for academic transitions at HCISD


Diana Hernandez wakes up every day with a mission to help students succeed, and goes to bed knowing that she has been able to do so in some way.

Hernandez is the New Generation System (NGS) Data Specialist at the Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District. Every day, she works to provide migrant students with a comprehensive record of their grades, immunizations and transfers.

She keeps these detailed student records to ensure that when a student does move or travel, the receiving district can get all of the information they need to allow a student to smoothly transition to a new school.

“Our department is all about helping our parents and students,” Hernandez. “We work with our students to make sure can continue their education wherever they go,” said Hernandez. “We are constantly uploading information so it’s always a busy time in our department. It’s all worth it because we know we are doing something for our students and their futures.”

Hernandez has worked in the Federal Programs Department at HCISD for the past 16 years, and prior to her current position, worked as a migrant recruiter. She credits her past experience with giving her a better perspective on her daily tasks and her goals.

“Our department gets excited when we hear about the great things happening for our former students,” Hernandez said. “We still have students that email us for information or recommendations. It’s rewarding when they personally thank us.”

Born and raised in Harlingen, Hernandez is a former student at Bowie Elementary, Coakley and Harlingen High School. After graduating, she focused on her family until getting the opportunity to fulfill her goal in life of helping students.

Her family focus still takes precedence during her free time. She spends all the time she can with them and takes care of her “energetic 84 year old mother,” she said.

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