Leaders ‘R’ Us: Annual workshop celebrates student councils


The chants and cheers of over 100 elementary and middle school students from across the Rio Grande Valley rang through the halls of Zavala Elementary during the TEPSA’s (Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association) annual Leaders ‘R’ Us Student Council Workshop on October 16.

“Today I learned a lot about leadership and responsibility,” said Summer Gonzalez 5th grade student at Milam Elementary. “The event was fun with all of the activities in which we participated. My favorite part was when the presenter was doing the silly songs.”

Students and advisors alike spent their day learning what they can do to make their student councils stronger. Council representatives were able to collaborate, build leadership, and explore roles and responsibilities.

Furthermore, the workshop helped students understand that leadership is also about serving others and leading by example.

“I love that we are teaching students to care about others and to be compassionate leaders,” said Dr. Caren Edelstein TEPSA presenter.

The all-day event consisted of two general sessions and two concurrent sessions.

During the breakout sessions, advisors shared ideas on fundraisers, service projects, and they also learned how to organize themselves to get the best out of student council members.

The theme for the workshop this year is “Rockin’ ’N’ Rollin’ across Texas.” Students attending workshops throughout the state are asked to write a cheer or a song about student leadership each year. We choose one as the theme for the following year.

“We conduct over 30 workshops across the state of Texas, and each year students have to develop a cheer or a chant,” said Deb Beasley TEPSA presenter. “We choose the best one, and it becomes the song for the following year. Then our t-shirt is designed around that theme.”

This year the program completes it 17th year and has trained over 26,000 students and about 8,000 advisors across the state.

Click here to view photos of the event.

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