HS students qualify for SkillsUSA State Championship


Hundreds of students throughout the Rio Grande Valley put their skills to the test during the SkillsUSA District 13 Leadership and Skills Conference held on February 24-25 in Harlingen.

After earning top spots in their respective categories, members from the Harlingen High School and Harlingen High School South teams will advance to the SkillsUSA State Competition which will be held in Corpus Christi on April 6-9.

The following students will represent HCISD in various Career and Technical Education areas:

Auto Collision: Gerardo Garcia and Angel Zecaida of HHS who placed 2nd as a Team.  Rick Serna (sponsor)

Cosmetology/Quiz Bowl: Vanessa Lozano, Aminta Rodriguez, Daisy Valdez, Yesenia Serrato and Lauri Vela of Harlingen South who placed 1st as a Team. Rachel Zuniga (sponsor)

Information Technology/ITS – Information Technology Services: Julian Trillo of Harlingen South who placed 1st, Ryan Barlow of Harlingen South who placed 2nd and Nicholas Rodriguez who placed 3rd. Arnold Juarez (sponsor)

Information Technology/ Technical Computer Applications: Anthony Malone of Harlingen South who placed 1st and Koebe Salinas of Harlingen South who placed 3rd.  Arnold Juarez (sponsor)

Masonry: Elias Herrera of HHS who placed 1st, Jaqueline Medina of HHS who placed 2nd, and Mario Zamora of HHS who placed 3rd. Victor Santillan (sponsor)

Broadcast News Production: Ludivina Mendiola, Messalinda Anzaldua, Rodolfo Cavazos and Fernando Martinez of HHS who placed 2nd as a Team.  Carlos Mireles (sponsor)

Skills-USA students also participate in project display competitions. These projects are both individual and team collaborations in which a display is created promoting one of their skill-sets.

Students who earn a State qualifying blue ribbon will have their projects exhibited at the State event.

HCISD state blue ribbon qualifiers:

Cabinet Making: David Cruz (South), Luke Garcia (South) Hector Tijerina (sponsor)

Computer Maintenance Technology: Dylon Cardenas (South), Zack De la Rosa (South), Anthony Malone (South), Jason Moreno (South) and Nicholas Rodriguez (South), Koebe Salinas (South), Jacob Summers (South), and Juan Yanez (South) Arnold Juarez (sponsor)

Cosmetology: Vanessa Avalos (HHS), Deisy Cardiel (HHS), Sandra Gonzalez (HHS), Vanessa Lozano (South), Daniella Morales (South), Aminta Rodriguez (South), Karren Rodriguez (HHS), Yesenia Serrato (South), Lori Vela (South) Rachel Zuniga (sponsor)

Health Science Job Exhibit: Rachel Bennet (HHS), Jordan Davila (HHS), Yulisa Flores (HHS), Krystal Galvan (HHS), Edlyn Smith (HHS) Celina Gonzalez (sponsor)

Graphic Design Digital Output: Santiago Delgado (HHS) (Best of Show) Belinda Trevino (sponsor)

Graphic Design Digital Output: Victor Avila (HHS), Erika De La Fuente (HHS), Angel Garcia (HHS), Christian Garcia (HHS), Emily Garcia (HHS), Gary Garcia (HHS), Patrick Galvan (HHS), Jose Gonzalez (HHS), Veronica Jaure (HHS), Krystal Lopez-Wahburn (HHS), Ruben Lozano (HHS), Guadalupe Isaac Martinez (HHS), Maria Medrano (HHS), Derek James Mendiola (HHS), Zachary Mesa (HHS), Fernando Ramirez (HHS), Ruby Reyes (HHS), Guadalupe Rodriguez (HHS), Maria Rodriguez (HHS), Mario Rodriguez (HHS), Oliverio Rodriguez (HHS), Amarya Ortiz (HHS), Selena Sandoval (HHS), Oscar Sierra (HHS), Ethan Sosa (HHS), Rudolfo Urbina (HHS), Kristopher Van Etten (HHS), Isabel Ybarra (HHS) Belinda Trevino (sponsor)

Innovative Information Technology: Ryan Barlow (South) and Jonathan Lopez (South)(Best of Show) Arnold Juarez (sponsor)


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