HS Academic UIL students advance to region competition


Harlingen High School and Harlingen High School South traveled to the UIL 32-6A District Meet held in Los Fresnos late March.

The top three students in each event will compete in the UIL  Academic Regional Meet on April 24th and 25th at UTSA.

The results are as follows:

Lincoln-Douglas Debate
1st Abby DeLeon (HHSS)
2nd place Kevin Fechner (HHS)
3rd Miriam Perez (HHSS)
4th place Eric Atkinson (HHS)

Persuasive Speaking
1st Miriam Perez (HHSS)
2nd place Mark Peinado (HHS)
3rd Manuel Arche-Pagan (HHSS)

Informative Speaking
1st place Grant Burbach (HHS)
2nd place Juan Alvarez (HHS)
4th Kurt Hoelscher (HHSS)
5th place Keving Fechner (HHS)

Prose Interpretation
1st Matthew Canon (HHSS)
3rd place Illiana Silva (HHS)
4th James Gracia (HHSS)
5th Enrique Cantu (HHSS)

Poetry Interpretation
2nd place Emily Ornelas (HHS)
3rd Matthew Almaguer (HHSS)
4th William Ernst (HHSS)
5th Sawyer Warrenberg (HHSS)

1st place overall Speech Team Award (HHSS)

1st place overall Debate Team Award (HHSS)

Spelling and Vocabulary
5th Karla Khine (HHSS)

Computer Science
2nd place team (HHS)
1st Melissa Perez (HHS)
4th Amanda Alvarez (HHSS)
5th place Patsy DeLeon (HHS)

1st Ryan Mowers (HHSS)

Computer Applications
4th Brenden Martinez (HHSS)
6th place Katrina Johnson (HHS)

Ready Writing
4th Richard Dominguez (HHSS)
6th McKayla Davis (HHSS)

Literary Criticism
2nd place team (HHS)
3rd place Melissa Perez (HHS)
4th place Carlos Munoz (HHS)

Current Issues and Events
2nd place Carlos Muniz (HHS)
4th Justin Serna (HHSS)
6th Ben Whitman (HHSS)

Number Sense
1st place team (HHSS – Ryan Mowers, Alondra Gracia, Carlos Torres, Chris Hinojosa)
1st Ryan Mowers (HHSS)
4th place Israel Gonzalez (HHS)
6th place Alex Macmanus (HHS)

Calculator Applications
1st Ryan Mowers (HHSS)
3rd place Justin Macmanus (HHS)
4th Chris Hinojosa (HHSS)

1st place team (HHSS – Ryan Mowers Alondra Gracia Chris Hinojosa Carlos Torres)
1st Ryan Mowers (HHSS)
5th Alondra Gracia (HHSS)
6th Chris Hinojosa (HHSS)

2nd place team (HHS)
2nd place Skyler Perez (HHS)
4th place Chantel Medrano (HHS)
5th place Jaime Galvan (HHS)

Social Studies
1st place team(HHSS – Josh Anderson, Ryan Benevides, Ben Whitman, Arturo Villarreal)
2nd place team (HHS)
1st place Josh Anderson (HHSS)
4th place Carlos Munos (HHS)
5th Ryan Benavides (HHSS)
6th Ben Whitman (HHSS)

1st place team (HHS)

Editorial Writing
4th Ashley Pannell (HHSS)
6th place Edward Medeles (HHS)

Headline Writing
1st Alexandria Flores (HHS)
4th place Edward Medeles

News Writing
1st place Alyssa Pena (HHS)
5th place Renee Koite (HHS)

Feature Writing
2nd place Haley Ponce (HHS)
5th place Brittany Mendez (HHS)

2nd place team (HHS)


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