HCISD high schools among top speech teams at PSJA Southwest tournament

Harlingen High School South Speech and Debate – 1st Place Sweepstakes
Harlingen High School – 5th Place Sweepstakes

Harlingen High School South and Harlingen High School Speech & Debate teams competed at PSJA Southwest High School on Saturday, October 13.

Harlingen South received over a dozen bids at the first National Individual Events Tournament of Champions qualifying tournament of the year, and third tournament of the season. The team took 1st Place Sweepstakes overall. Overall, HHS placed 5th in team sweepstakes.

The results were as follows:

Humorous Interpretation
1st-John Duncan (HHSS)
2nd- Anell McDaniel (HHSS)
3rd- Forsythia Claudio (HHS)
5th- Madison Myers (HHS)
6th- Lauren Ponce (HHSS)
7th- Joseph Decilos (HHSS)
8th- Joe Adams (HHS)

Dramatic Interpretation
5th- John Duncan (HHSS)
8th- Benjamin Trevino (HHS)

Duo Interpretation
1st- Gabriela Rae Garza / Gabriella Celine Garza (HHS)
4th- Joseph Decilos / Alexa Strubhart (HHSS)
6th- Sadie Cash / Forsythia Claudio (HHS)
7th- Levi Ince / Kole Kibler (HHSS)

Duet Acting
2nd- Aaron Blount / Levi Ince (HHSS)
3rd- John Duncan / Kole Kibler (HHSS)
4th- Gabriela Rae Garza / Madison Myers (HHS)
6th- Nativity Poe / Benjamin Trevino (HHS)
8th- Natalie Perez / Alexa Strubhart (HHSS)

3rd- John Duncan (HHSS)
4th- Lauren Ponce (HHSS)
5th-Joseph Decilos (HHSS)
7th- Levi Ince (HHSS)
8th- Abigail Burton (HHSS)

Novice Prose
2nd- Madison Myers (HHS)
4th- Carolina Villanueva (HHS)
5th- Sadie Cash (HHS)

Novice Poetry
3rd- Jorge Gonzalez (HHSS)

3rd- Lauren Ponce (HHSS)
4th- Benjamin Trevino (HHS)
5th- Forsythia Claudio (HHS)
7th- Kole Kibler (HHSS)

Original Oratory
6th- Joe Adams (HHS)

Program Oral Interpretation
1st- Natalie Perez (HHSS)
2nd- Lauren Ponce (HHSS)
3rd- John Duncan (HHSS)
5th- Anell McDaniel (HHSS)

1st- John Duncan (HHSS)
2nd- Anell McDaniel (HHSS)
8th- Mark Colmenares (HHSS)

Informative Speaking
6th- Joseph Decilos (HHSS)

Novice Lincoln Douglas Debate
Semi-Finals- Xander Ybarra (HHS)

Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking
6th- Josiah Garza (HHS)

Novice Extemporaneous Speaking
1st-Matthew Heep (HHSS)

CX Debate
1st- Ramiro Gonzalez / Christian Villareal (HHSS)

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