High-school Speech and Debate teams kick off the new year with a bang

Harlingen High School South Speech & Debate
Harlingen High School Speech & Debate

High-school Speech and Debate teams started 2019 with a bang. Harlingen High School South and Harlingen High School competed at Sharyland High School on Friday, Jan. 4, bringing home 1st and 2nd Place Sweepstakes respectively.

Results are as follows:

Impromptu speaking
2nd-Anell McDaniel (HHSS)
3rd-Ryan Velasquez (HHSS)
4th-Joseph Decilos (HHSS)
5th- Lauren Ponce (HHSS)
6th- Esmeralda Trevino (HHSS)
7th-Carmela Benavides (HHSS)
8th-Abigail Burton (HHSS)

Original Oratory
1st-Josiah Garza (HHS)
2nd-Anell McDaniel (HHSS)
3rd- Joe Adams (HHS)

Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking
1st-Josiah Garza (HHS)

Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking
1st-Kayden Nelson (HHSS)
2nd-Jamor Ruiz (HHSS)

Novice Poetry
2nd-Esmeralda Trevino (HHSS)
6th-Jorge Gonzales (HHSS)

Varsity Poetry
2nd- Joe Adams (HHS)
3rd-Lauren Ponce (HHSS)
4th-Aaron Blount (HHSS)
5th-Anell McDaniel (HHSS)
6th-Joseph Decilos (HHSS)

Novice Prose
1st- Leroy Zaller (HHS)
2nd-Esmeralda Trevino (HHSS)
6th- Mariana Ramirez (HHS)

Varsity Prose
2nd- Joseph Decilos (HHSS)
3rd-Lauren Ponce (HHSS)
4th-Anell McDaniel (HHSS)
5th-Aaron Blount (HHSS)
7th- Danna Elisa (HHSS)

Duet Acting
1st- Esmeralda Trevino and Joseph Decilos (HHSS)
4th- Forsythia Claudio and Ethan Newton (HHS)

Duo Interpretation
1st-Lauren Ponce and Anell McDaniel (HHSS)
2nd-Joseph Decilos and Alexa Strubhart (HHSS)
4th- Aaron Blount and Jorge Gonzales (HHSS)
5th- Joe Adams and Bailey Smith (HHS)
6th- Ryan Velasquez and Carmela Benavides (HHSS)

Informative Speaking
1st- Josiah Garza (HHS)
2nd-Joseph Decilos (HHSS)
3rd-Abigail Burton (HHSS)
5th- Joe Adams (HHS)
6th-Danna Elisa (HHSS)

Dramatic Interpretation
2nd-Joseph Decilos (HHSS)
3rd- Forsythia Claudio (HHS)
5th-Anell McDaniel (HHSS)
6th-Esmeralda Trevino (HHSS)
7th- Joe Adams (HHS)
8th-Abigail Burton (HHSS)

Humorous Interpretation
2nd -Joe Adams (HHS)
3rd- Anell McDaniel (HHSS)
4th-Jorge Gonzales (HHSS)
5th- Lauren Ponce (HHSS)
7th-Ryan Velasquez (HHSS)
8th- Forsythia Claudio (HHS)

Top Individual Events Speaker
1st Place Sweepstakes- Joseph Decilos (HHSS)

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