HHSS students get college ready with AVID course

Students at Harlingen High School South are achieving academic success and preparing for college.

Eighty students in the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) class participated in a tutor-training course on Jan. 30.  The training course is aimed to facilitate rigorous, collaborative tutorials. Students will use the training they receive to improve their class performance, and help other students by sharing the lessons.

As an AVID tutor, students are required to receive 16 hours of tutor training.

AVID is a college readiness system that increases student learning by providing them with tutoring in areas of math, science, reading and writing. It also assists students with college applications, essays and scholarships. The AVID class is an elective course, which can be supplemented into the student’s school schedule.

“We do things like Cornell notes and tutoring,” said Bertha Hernandez, senior at HHSS, “It has really helped bring my grades up.”

This will be the first graduating class at HHSS that has been able to participate in the AVID course throughout all four years of high school.

“Our goals for AVID include spreading the word to others, as well as applying to more scholarships, and being college ready,” said Neri Quintanilla, senior at HHSS.

Students enrolled in the program were preselected their freshman year through an application process. Students wanting to enter may talk with counselors for more information.

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