HHSS Latin-Greek Team shines at national competition

Harlingen High School South Latin-Greek Team students advanced to the National Junior Classical League national competition held at North Dakota State University this summer.

The National Junior Classical League is sponsored by the American Classical League and composed of junior and senior high school competitors who participate in the understanding of ancient Greece and Rome.

The competition included five days of arduous academic and creative arts competitions, service projects, workshops, and the Roman procession.

The Harlingen South Latin-Greek Team came home with medals, ribbons, and honorable mention certificates as follow:

Students that placed in the top 10 and received Silver Medals and Magna Cum Laude Certificates:

Casandra Sauceda (Classical Art) – 7thPlace Level 1

Valeria Montero (Mottoes & Quotations) – 10th. Place Level 5+

Salome Quintanilla (Latin Reading Comprehension) – 10th Place Level 1


Students that placed in the top 15 and received Bronze Medals and Maxima Cum Laude Certificates:

Alex Castillo (Hellenic History) – 11thPlace Level 4

Alyssa Rios (Hellenic History) – 14th Place Level 2


Students that placed in the top 20 and received Honorable Mention Ribbons and Cum Laude Certificates:

Alex Castillo (Greek Life & Literature) – 16thPlace – Level 4

Katy Allen (Greek Life & Literature) – 16thPlace – Level 2

Judith De La Garza (Mottoes & Quotations) – 17th Place – Level 3

Salome Quintanilla (Greek Derivatives) – 18thPlace – Level 1

Dalilah Sanchez (Reading Comprehension – Prose) – 20thPlace – Level 4

Dalilah Sanchez (Roman Life) – 20thPlace – Level 4

Casandra Sauceda (Roman Life & Mottoes & Quotations) – 20thPlace – Level 1

Valeria Montero (Classical Art) – 20thPlace – Level 5+

Alyssa Rios (Greek Derivatives) – 20thPlace – Level 2

Victoria Saenz (Greek Life & Literature) – 20thPlace – Level 1


Heptathlon – 900+ student took the test, and here are our South Students’ results:

Alyssa Rios (Level 2) – 35thPlace out of 230 students

Judith De La Garza (Level 3) – 35thPlace out of 196 students

Alex Castillo (Level 4) – 34thPlace out of 110 students

Dalilah Sanchez (Level 4) – 36thPlace out 110 students

Valeria Montero (Level 5+) – 31stPlace out of 79 students

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