HHSS choir makes beautiful music at state solo and ensemble competition


Members of the Harlingen High School South Choir hit the right notes and made perfect melodies at the UIL State Solo and Ensemble Competition held at the University of Texas Austin on May 25.

In total the team received a total of 9 gold medals and 7 silver medals for their individual performances. Their achievements mark a new record high for their school and choir success at the state competition.

The gold medalists include Devon Fierro, Victoria De La Cruz, Anyssa Almendarez, Victoria Garza, Priscilla Casas, Alix Haden, Amanda Garza, Anissa Garza, and Alyssa Rodriguez.

Silver Medals were awarded to Priscilla Casas, Kaitlyn Blount, Anissa Garza, Jose Sanchez, Jordan Funk, Vanessa Zamora, and Alyiah Stewart.

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