HHSS and HHS speech teams take top spots at Alief Taylor tournament

Harlingen High School South Speech & Debate
Harlingen High School Speech & Debate

Harlingen High School South and Harlingen High School Speech and Debate teams competed at the Alief Taylor High School Tournament of Champions (TOC) and Texas Forensic Association (TFA) Qualifying Tournament.

Taking place on Nov. 30 – Dec. 1, 2018, in Houston, the tournament was a first for both teams. HHSS secured a 1st Place Sweepstakes win, and HHS took 2nd Place out of more than 41 schools.

Varsity Dramatic Interpretation
7th- Levi Ince (HHSS)
4th-Kole Kibler (HHSS)
5th- Gabriela Rae Garza (HHS)

Novice Dramatic Interpretation
2nd- Bailey Smith(HHS)

Duet Acting
5th- Aaron Blount, Levi Ince (HHSS)
1st- Kole Kibler, Caleb Davis (HHSS)
2nd- Benjamin Trevino, Nativity Poe(HHS)

Varsity Prose
5th- Mark Colmenares (HHSS)
3rd- Lauren Ponce (HHSS)
6th- Gabby Celine Garza(HHS)
1st- Joe Adams(HHS)

Novice Prose
5th- Danna Elisa (HHSS)
3rd- Levi Ince (HHSS)
2nd-Kole Kibler (HHSS)
1st- Maddy Myers(HHS)

Duo Interpretation
6th- Anell McDaniel, Lauren Ponce (HHSS)
4th-Kole Kibler, Levi Ince (HHSS)
3rd- Aaron Blount, Jorge Gonzales (HHSS)
1st- Gabriela Rae, Gabriella Celine Garza(HHS)
2nd- Benjamin Trevino, Nativity Poe(HHS)

Varsity Humorous Interpretation
5th-Mark Colmenares (HHSS)
3rd-Natalie Perez (HHSS)
6th- Benjamin Trevino(HHS)
4th- Faith George Ann Zepeda(HHS)
1st- Joe Adams(HHS)

Novice Humorous Interpretation
2nd- Esmeralda Trevino (HHSS)

Novice Impromptu
6th-Marcos Gonzales (HHSS)

Varsity Poetry
4th- Gabriela Rae Garza(HHS)
3rd- Gabby Celine Garza(HHS)

Novice Poetry
4th- Kole Kibler (HHSS)
3rd- Caleb Davis (HHSS)
1st- Leroy Zaller Jr.(HHS)

Varsity Informative Speaking
2nd- Joseph Decilos (HHSS)

Program Oral Interpretation
6th-Aaron Blount (HHSS)
5th-Lauren Ponce (HHSS)
4th-Mark Colmenares (HHSS)
3rd-Natalie Perez (HHSS)
2nd- Joseph Decilos (HHSS)

Varsity Original Oratory
6th- Lucero Sauceda (HHSS)

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