HHS teachers awarded grant to launch learning


Teachers at Harlingen High School know how to come together for the benefit of their students.

Romel Palomares, special education teacher at HHS, and Ricardo Cattaneo, math teacher at HHS, were awarded a grant to fund a project called “Bottled Rockets” through the Kids in Need Foundation.

In the Bottled Rockets program, Palomares and Cattaneo are working in conjunction in the inclusion classroom to give students the opportunity to construct and launch bottle rockets. The goal is to promote the basic understanding of patterns, algebraic thinking, measurement and probability.

The $428 grant will be used for purchasing all supplies needed for the program.

The duo applied for the funding early on in the year, and went through a vigorous selection process.

The grant brings excitement for what the program will mean for HHS students.  Their goal is increase student involvement in mathematics.

The Kids in Need Foundation works to engage students in the learning process by awarding teachers the funding for creative classroom projects.

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