HHS students construct new career paths

Harlingen High School students arrived at Texas State Technical College (TSTC) with their hard hats on and a mind open to new careers on Nov. 14.

Students in the trade building and masonry class at HHS spent their day learning about a career in construction. The day was coordinated in an effort to get students thinking about their employment goals, and the educational opportunities that are available to them, said Guillermo Carriaga, teacher at HHS.

To help spark their interest, Spawglass provided a presentation on the different employment opportunities in the field of construction, and a chance for students to explore an actual job site on the TSTC campus.

“Construction isn’t just using a hammer and nails,” said Paula Martinez, senior at HHS. “ It’s design, marketing and math. You can do so much in that field, and have the opportunity to help people. I see myself going into the marketing side.”

Additional visits were made to business around Harlingen that offered different aspects of construction including retail and material distribution. With the first-hand experience, students were able to understand how that side functioned, and what job skills were required.

“It was a great experience learning about what you need to be aware of when going into construction,” said Virgil Melendez, senior at HHS. “Whatever you choose to do, you need to be prepared.”

A total of 75 students participated in the event, and was a collective effort of Carriaga, GenTX, Spawglass, RGV Lead and the Harlingen EDC.

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