Harlingen South Speech, Drama, and Debate team takes sweepstakes in season’s first TFA qualifying tournament

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The Harlingen High School South Speech, Drama and Debate team received First Place Sweepstakes at the 5th Annual TFA State Qualifying Tournament held at Harlingen High School on September 5.

The team beat the competition by more than 200 points.

Please see full results below:

Novice Poetry
4th Place – Isabelle Connell
3rd Place – John Duncan

Novice Prose
5th Place – Ashley Garcia
4th Place – Natalie Perez
3rd Place – Christian Ingram
2nd – John Duncan

8th Place – James Gracia
7th Place – Enrique Cantu
3rd Place – Sawyer Warrenburg
1st Place – Aransas Hailey

6th Place – James Gracia
3rd Place – Matthew Canon
2nd Place – Sawyer Warrenburg

Humorous Interpretation
7th Place – Jessica Durant
4th Place – Matthew Canon
3rd Place – John Duncan
1st Place – Sawyer Warrenburg

Dramatic Interpretation
5th Place – Valerie Luevanos
3rd Place – Sawyer Warrenburg
2nd Place – Matthew Canon

Duo Interpretation
8th Place – Valerie Luevanos and Julia Bender
4th Place – Jessica Durant and John Duncan
3rd Place – Enrique Cantu and Sawyer Warrenburg
1st Place – Matthew Canon and James Gracia

Duet Acting
7th Place – Matthew Canon and Sawyer Warrenburg
4th Place – Nate Carney and Isabelle Connell
3rd Place – Angela Gonzalez and Savannah Smith
2nd Place – James Gracia and Enrique Cantu
1st Place – Jessica Durant and John Duncan

Duet Improvisation
1st Place – Matthew Canon and Angela Gonzalez

Original Oratory
8th Place – Abby De Leon
7th Place – Savannah Smith
5th Place – Lizzy Everett
2nd Place – Josh Delgado

Impromptu Speaking
7th Place – Rolando Salazar
6th – Hailey Rutkowski
5th Place – Matthew Canon
3rd Place – Abby De Leon

Varsity Lincoln Douglas Debate
2nd Place – Abby De Leon

8th Place – Chris Smith 

Foreign Extemp
7th Place – Josh Delgado

Novice Extemp
4th Place – Sandra Villines

Foreign Extemp
8th Place – Adam Pena
5th Place – Miguel Dominguez
2nd Place – Sam Bynum




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