HCISD’s FFA students round up awards at 2017 RGV Livestock Show



HCISD’s FFA students showcased their talents while rounding up awards at the 2017 Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show held March 8-19. Participants from across the Valley were judged in their respective categories and divisions. Winning top awards were Summer Wade and Trent Gilbert who won Grand Champion Market Hog and Reserve Grand Champion Market Hog respectively.

There were also notable wins by Jonathan Garza-Reserve Champion Market Goat, Taegan Wade-Reserve Breed Champion Market Hog, Daniel Castillo-Breed Champion Breeding Hog, Kille Solis-Reserve Breed Champion Breeding Hog, Kennedy Boykin-Breed Champion Breeding Hog, and Trista Gilbert-Breed Champion Breeding Hog. Brooklyn Carrizales walked away with Best In Show for her painting submission to the Western Art Contest.

Full results for the 2017RGVLS are as follows:

Senior Academic Scholarships
Daniel Castillo- RGVLS Scholarship and Smokin on the Rio Scholarship
Miranda Del Valle- RGVLS Scholarship
Gentry Magee- RGVLS Scholarship
Kennedy Boykin- RGVLS Scholarship

Swine Skillathon
Kennedy Boykin-1st place Champion

Shop Projects
Megan Adair- Excellent-Blue Ribbon (Picnic Table)
Theresa Hernandez- Excellent- Blue Ribbon (Horseshoe Cross)
Gentry Magee- Excellent- Blue Ribbon (Wall Art-Cow Skull Décor)
Brooklyn Carrizales- Excellent- Blue Ribbon (Western Bench)
Lleyton Stevens- Excellent- Blue Ribbon (Cutting Board)
Zachary Gray- Excellent- Blue Ribbon (Metal Art- Flag)
Cole Swinnea, Andrew Anderson, Trevor Gilbert- Excellent- 3rd place (Deer Blind)
Joseph Fonseca- Excellent- 4th place (Trailer Blind)
Elizabeth Rodriguez- Excellent (BBQ Pit)
Richard Hernandez- Good (BBQ Pit)
Esmeralda Mena- Excellent- 1st place (Ford Bench)
Sofia Perez- Excellent (Picnic Table)
Natasha Trevino- Excellent (Picnic Table)
Trisha Kribbs- Excellent (Fire Pit)
Cara Cash- Excellent (Note Hanger)
Kelly Cash- Excellent (Corigated Tin)

Esmeralda Mena- 5th place
Katie Krupula- 9th place
Lizbeth Campos
Rogelio Rodriguez
Megan Adair
Lleyton Stevens

Megan Adair-1st place
Georgia Newell-1st place
Alexandria Hernandez- 1st place and 9th place
Joshua Garcia-5th place
Kalen Morris-7th place
Gabriella Rodriguez-7th place
Evalynn Silva-10th place
Cameron Eriksmoen-10th place
Hunter Lamon-Participation
Lily Lamon-Participation
Lleyton Stevens-Participation
Daniel Castillo-Participation

Livestock Judging
2nd place team-Hunter Lamon, Daniel Castillo, Landry Perkins, Joshua Garcia
3rd place team-Makayla Vela, Natalie Vela, Mia Mesa, Kylie Mitchell
4th place team-Kennedy Boykin (High Point in Cattle Division), Joshua Gonzalez, Luis Juarez, Julia Brandenburg
21st place team-Edward Guerrero, Clark Davis, Devin Rosas, Trevor Gilbert

Greased Pig Scramble
Zachary Gonzalez $125-1st place
Cole Cooley $100

Market Goats
Jonathan Garza-1st place and Reserve Division Champion
Edward Guerrero-1st place
Fidi Mesa-3rd place
Jake Thomas-3rd place
Kylie Mitchell-3rd place
Megan Adair-4th place
Megan Mesa-5th place
Jordan Davila-5th place
Trace Thomas-5th place
Mia Mesa- 6th place
Derek Garza- 6th place
Kayla Rogers-7th place
Kennedy Dyer-8th place
Zachary Gonzalez-10th place

Market Lambs
Derek Garza- 9th place
Daniel Castillo-6th place
Jonathan Garza-7th place
Kylie Mitchell-8th place
Megan Mesa-10th place

Market Hogs
Taegan Wade-1st place and Reserve Breed Champion
Summer Wade-1st place, Breed Champion and Grand Champion Market Hog
Trent Gilbert-1st Breed Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Market Hog
Jorge Jimenez-1st place
Dylan Gilbert-1st place
Abigail Lamas-1st place
Brianna Garcia-2nd place
Andrew Anderson-2nd place
Bryanna Davila-2nd place
Kayla Rodriguez-2nd place
Cara Cash-2nd place
Edward Guerrero-2nd place
Madison Callier-3rd place
Daniel Castillo-3rd place
Rodrigo Ramon-3rd place
Cameron Eriksmoen-3rd place
Mary Clare Todd-3rd place
Rachel Alejandro-3rd place
Kennedy Boykin-3rd place
Kalen Morris-4th place
James Wade-4th place
Joneth Vela-4th place
Angela Trevino-5th place
Jonathan Garza-5th place
Cecelia Elisondo-5th place
Taylor Cooley-6th place
Gabriella Perez-6th place
Karson Dyer-6th place
Crystal Lucio-7th place
Trista Gilbert-8th place
Triston Lombardo-8th place
Maddie Molano-9th place
Trevor Gilbert-9th place
Antonio Caballero-9th place
Miranda Del Valle-10th place
Joshua Garcia-11th place
Victoria Garza-11th place
Klarisa Posada-11 place
Julia Brandenburg-11 place
Landry Perkins-12th place
Teresa Salinas-12th place
Emilee Cordero-12th place
Sydney Powleson-13th place
Mia Munoz-13th place
Audrie Trevino-13th place
Johnathan Vela-14th place
Payton Ponce-15th place
Justice Johnson-15th place
Ana Rodriguez-15th place
Fidi Mesa-15th place
Christine Garza-16th place
Emma Ponce-17th place
Rmanda Salinas-17th place
Cole Cooley-18th place
Theresa Hernendez-19th place

Breeding Hogs
Daniel Castillo: White OPB-1st place & Breed Champion, Hamp-3rd place, Duroc-1st place, Dark OPB-7th place
Madison Callier: Dark Cross-1st place, Hamp-3rd place Dark OPB-8th place, York-1st place
Joshua Garcia: Dark OPB-5th place, Dark Cross-8th place, Hamp-3rd place
Kilee Solis: Dark OPB-1st place Reserve Breed Champion
Sydney Powelson: Duroc-14th place, Duroc-11th place, York-12th place
Landry Perkins: Duroc-15th place
Adyson Enriquez: Hamp-10th place
Kennedy Boykin: 1st & Breed Champion, LT X: 2nd place & 4th place
Julia Brandenburg: 7th place
Emilee Cordero: 6th place
Trent Gilbert: 4th place
Trevor Gilbert: 1st place
Trista Gilbert: 1st place & Breed Champ Hamp
Edward Guerrero: 1st place & 5th place
Abigail Lamas: 7th place
Klarisa Posada: 8th place
Kayla Rodriguez: 2nd place

Market Rabbits
Kennedy Boykin-2nd place
Kane Jacobs-2nd place
Joshua Martinez-4th place
Sarita Del Valle-5th place
Levi Newell-5th place
Rebekah Strutz-5th place
Carolina Munoz-6th place
Autumn Simpson-6th place
Megan Adair-7th place
J’Den Gonzalez-7th place
Jazmine Garcia-8th place
Erika Dominguez-11th place
Yasmine Gloria-12th place
Julissa Munivez-12th place
Brooklyn Carrizales-10th place

Market Poultry
Megan Adair- Top 10 Best Bird
Natasha Trevino-18th place
Robin Nelson-19th place
Brooklyn Carrizales- Participation
Alejandro Muniz- Participation
Georgia Newell- Participation

Joshua Garcia-2nd place
Kristina Perrill-2nd place (Jr. Breeding Placing), 5th place (Open Breeding Placing)
Victoria Trevino-3rd place (Jr. Breeding Placing), 4th place (Open Breeding Placing)
Daniel Castillo- 4th place
Cole Cooley-6th place

Beefmaster Bull
Victoria Trevino-1st place

Market Steer
Alyssa Montalvo- 4th place
Joshua Garcia-7th place
Victoria Trevino-7th place

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