HCISD students compete in virtual state chess tournament  


Several elementary, middle school, and high school students from across the district competed in the virtual Texas Scholastic Chess Championships.

Students competed in teams based on grade level. While some teams participated from their home campuses others competed from home.

“This event was a learning experience for us,” District Chess Coordinator Jeanne Jimenez said. “During our zoom, we had all the chess sponsors logged on throughout the duration of the tournament. We were able to share information or any issues we experienced during the tournament itself.  That chatroom gave us a small sense of normalcy since we haven’t been all together much of the year.”

This year’s chess season is coming to an end, but plans for the summer are underway.

“We will be able to have our players come face-to-face again for the first time all year to play on the boards and work with our consultants to refine their skills and learn new tactics,” Jimenez said. “We hope to go back to having our normal face-to-face tournaments soon if not we will continue to look for virtual opportunities for the program to participate in. I am beyond thankful for the staff I work with in our chess program, and the students and parents who have embraced the new normal and have been flexible as we’ve learned to navigate chess virtually.”

Results from the Texas Scholastic Chess Championships are listed below:

Bonham Elementary: K-3 Champ 4th Place, K-3JV 6th Place

Miranda Quezada

Joshua Berumen

Alexander Garcia

Jordynn Martinez

Sophia Rosas

Houston: K-3 Champ 7th Place, K-3JV 3rd Place

Kailee Romero

Michael Adams

Oliver Diaz

Derek Escamilla

Sofia Gonzalez

Nathaniel Goodwin-Ortega

Arianna Hernandez

Trevor Caldera

Treasure Hills: K-3 Champ 10th Place, K-5 Champ 21st Place

Aaron Garcia

Aubriella Renteria

Jesus Caballero

Emma Gracia

Long: K-5 Champ 11th Place

Brody Alanis

Hannah Albritton

Sophia Benavides

Sebastian Benavides

Nathan Chapa

Gabriella Cruz

Augustin Lopez

David Mendoza

Eric Mendoza

Jyavieh Moore

Ryan Ortiz

Austin Ortiz

Stuart Place: K-3JV 7th Place

Olivia De Los Santos

Christopher Gonzalez

Sophia De Los Santos

Coakley: 6-8 Champ 5th Place

Lilah Morales

Nicholas Vento

Ethan Garcia

Brandon Spurlock

Aryanna Renteria

Juan Vasquez

Kevin Bond

Vernon: 6-8 Champ 23rd Place

Kylie Bello

Alexis Bello

Aaron Del Rio

Cano: 9-12 Champ 10th Place

Chris Cantu

Izabel Vasquez

Mario Vento

Michael Casas

ECHS: 9-12 Champ 15th Place

Julian Cruz

Mattias Mata

HSHP:6-8 Champ 19th Place, 9-12th Champ 4th Place

Emilio Rodriguez

Ty Ramirez

Brandon Tovias

Logan Tovias

James Tovar

Sebastian Rodriguez

Sarah Hernandez

South: 9-12 Champ 13th Place

Eric Soto

Isabella Castillo


































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