HCISD orchestras continue tradition of excellence at All-Region auditions

Harlingen High School South Orchestra

Harlingen CISD orchestras have become well-known for producing some of the most accomplished musicians in the area. This October, the district’s middle-school and high-school ensembles continue their tradition of excellence with incredible success across the board at All-Region auditions.

More than 100 HCISD orchestra members were selected to join the ranks of the Region 28 Orchestras.

“I think what also makes us successful at All-Region is that we place a lot of value on it,” said Sarabeth Gheith, orchestra director at Harlingen High School South. “We always encourage students to audition and really focus on it at the beginning of the school year.”

While preparation is critical, Gheith said the success of the orchestras or the entire music program at HCISD for that matter wouldn’t be possible without the backing of the community.

“I think there’s a lot of support from the community, the school board, and of course, our administration,” she said. “Here at South, my colleagues, our choir and band directors also support us. That is really helpful.”

Much collaboration takes place amongst high-school and middle-school directors to ensure a smooth transition as students advance in their music studies. Directors take a consistent approach when teaching fundamentals like notation, scales, intervals, and chords, so students already know what’s expected of them when they reach high-school.

At the core of what music teachers are instilling in students is a love and appreciation for the arts so when they become adults, they’ll go out and support their local orchestra or attend a concert.

“I think that as a music educator it’s important not just to teach students how to play something, but also how to appreciate music,” said Gheith. “Our main goal isn’t to create music majors and people who are going to go off and be professional musicians. It’s great if it happens; however, we’re not just teaching participants but audience members and future patrons of the arts.”

All-Region Orchestras are composed of the best string and wind players from all the high schools and middle schools in Region 28 (lower Rio Grande Valley). A successful audition also advances high-school students to the Area level of the TMEA All-State audition process.

An All-Region Orchestra Concert will be held Saturday, Nov. 10 at 5:30 p.m. at the Weslaco Performing Arts Center located at 471 E. 6th St. Weslaco, Texas 78596.

In May 2018, HCISD was recognized with the Best Communities for Music Education designation from The NAMM Foundation for its outstanding commitment to music education.

Region 28 Audition Results

High School



[acc_item title=”Violin”]
1st chair – Kate Scaief (12), HHS
2nd chair – Alaina Gaytan (12), HHSS
4th chair – Ariana Castillo (11), HHS
5th chair – Jimi Abbott (10), HHSS
6th chair – Tristan Refugio (10), HHS
7th chair – Ashley Galvan (11), HHS
9th chair – Hailey Welch (11), HHSS
10th chair – Oscar Cavasos (11), HHSS
12th chair – Maya Gamboa (12), HHSS
13th chair – Brianna Malone (12), HHSS
16th chair – Jaelyn Cabrera (12), HHS
18th chair – Milca Montanez (10), HHS
20th chair – Juana Jimenez (11), HHSS
22nd chair – Adrian De Leon (10), HHS
24th chair – Christina Ramirez (9), HHS
25th chair – James Wade (12), HHSS
26th chair – Phoebe Archibald (10), HHS
27th chair – Luis Beadle (11), HHSS
28th chair – Jasmine Maldonado (10), HHS
Alternate – Alexis Leal (10), HHSS
[acc_item title=”Viola”]
1st chair – Matthew Garcia (12), HHS
2nd chair – Kenya Rodriguez (11), HHS
3rd chair – Ravin Saldana (12), HHS
4th chair – Caleb Lucio (11), HHS
5th chair – Justin Armstrong (10), HHSS
6th chair – Alejandra Cardenas (11), HHSS
7th chair – Seth Avila (12), HHSS
8th chair – Hunter Garcia (10), HHSS
9th chair – Fatima Reguerra (12), HHSS
10th chair – Alberto Sanchez (10), HHSS
[acc_item title=”Cello”]
1st chair – Isaiah Valdez (12) HHSS
2nd chair – Angel Rodriguez (9) HHS
3rd chair – Janelle Arnold (11) HHS
4th chair – Tristan Salinas (11) HHS
5th chair – Victoria Perez (11) HHSS
6th chair – Danielle Muniz (12) HHSS
7th chair – Perla Vera (10) HHS
8th chair – Galyze Landaverde (10) HHS
9th chair – Alfredo Bonilla (10) HHS
10th chair – Hayden Schrimsher (12) HHSS
[acc_item title=”Bass”]
1st chair – Alyssa Gonzalez (12) HHSS
2nd chair – Jewelie Lujan (11) HHS
3rd chair – William Bell (12) HHSS
4th chair – Alfredo Montemayor (11) HHS
5th chair – Allen Cortez (12) HHSS
6th chair – Robert Moses Serna (9) HHSS
Alternate – Estrella Serna (10) HHS


Middle School



[acc_item title=”Violin”]
1st chair – Danielle Paguinto (8) HSHP
2nd chair – Madison Soto (8) Vela
9th chair – Madison Meyers (8) Vela
10th chair – Timothy Mowers (7) Coakley
11th chair – Felix Rodriguez (7) Vela
12th chair – Joaquin Garza (8) Vela
13th chair – Evelyn Ann Quezada (8) Gutierrez
14th chair – Zakry Carroll (8) Coakley
15th chair – Alexa St John (8) Vela
16th chair – Leslie Jimenez (8) Memorial
17th chair – Kiara Ravize (8) Vela
18th chair – Jacob Vargas (8) Gutierrez
21st chair – Luis Andres Galvan (8) Gutierrez
22nd chair – Joshua A Bielicke (7) Gutierrez
23rd chair – Joshua Macbeth (8) Vela
24th chair – Elizabeth Flores (8) Coakley
25th chair – Collin Fernandez (8) Memorial
26th chair – Sofia Vallejo (7) Memorial
27th chair – Kaitlynn Thakkar (8) Memorial
28th chair – Alie Rosignol (8) Vela
29th chair – Jonathan Navarro (8) Coakley
30th chair – Jairo Valdez (7) Vela
32nd chair – Myranda Davila (8) Gutierrez
33rd chair – Alyssa Moore (7) Memorial
34th chair – Zoe Lynn Marquez (7) Gutierrez
35th chair – Liliana Robles (8) Vela
36th chair – Peyton Menchaca (7) Memorial
Alternate – Dominic Rene Santillan (7) Gutierrez
Alternate – Allison Rose Mares (7) Gutierrez
Alternate – Arianna Rodriguez (8) Vela
Alternate – Holly Beth Sheldon (8) Gutierrez
[acc_item title=”Viola”]
1st chair – Jena Anisa Ruiz (8) Gutierrez
2nd chair – David Paz (8) Vernon
3rd chair – Oscar Ariel Lugo (8) Vernon
4th chair – Rebecca Ann Torres (8) Gutierrez
5th chair – Gianni Jolie Ceballos (8) Gutierrez
6th chair – Sebastian Hernandez (8) Vela
7th chair – Atiana Jezelle Rocha (7) Gutierrez
8th chair – Jesus Salinas (7) Memorial
9th chair – Anabel Perez (8) Vela
10th chair – Claireshine Lorna Heep (7) Vela
11th chair – Natalie Gonzales (8) Memorial
12th chair – Ryleigh Greer (8) Vela
13th chair – Leonardo Garcia (7) Vela
14th chair – Julius Benavides (8) Memorial
Alternate – Sarah Hernandez (7) Gutierrez
Alternate – Jerran Lentz (7) Memorial
[acc_item title=”Cello”]
1st chair – Nathan Mowers (7) Coakley
2nd chair – Camryn Cruz (8) Vela
3rd chair – Miya Amy Elizabeth Reasor (8) Vernon
4th chair – Angelina Brianna Ruiz (7) Gutierrez
6th chair – Nicolas Capetillo (7) Memorial
7th chair – Amelya Saucedo (8) Vela
9th chair – Marissa Caroline Gamboa (8) Gutierrez
10th chair – Nicole Melina Fernandez (8) Vernon
11th chair – Abel Sanchez (7) Memorial
12th chair – Regina Ruiz-Rosales (7) Vernon
13th chair – Jose Alfredo Degollado (7) Gutierrez
Alternate – Kasey Ruiz (8) Vela MS
Alternate – Hailey Marie Nino (8) Vernon MS
[acc_item title=”Bass”]
1st chair – Julianna Bryant (8) Memorial
2nd chair – Aizza Guerrero (7) Vernon
3rd chair – Paloma Valdez (8) Vela
4th chair – Diego Hernandez (7) Vela
5th chair – Jose Moya (8) Memorial
6th chair – Hector Rene Trevino-Vazquez (8) Vernon
7th chair – Caelan Joseph Kirkland (8) Gutierrez
9th chair – Cyrus Walker Castaneda (7) Gutierrez
Alternate – Alexzander Rodriguez (8) Vernon
Alternate – Princess Alana Longoria (8) Gutierrez

L to R: Nathan Mowers, Elizabeth Flores, Zakry Carrol, Timothy Mowers, and Jonathan Navarro
Gutierrez Middle School Orchestra
Memorial Middle School: Julius Benavides (not pictured), Julianna Bryant, Nicolas Capetillo, Collin Fernandez, Natalie Gonzales, Leslie Jimenez, Jerran Lentz, Peyton Menchaca, Alyssa Moore, Jose Moya, Jesus Salinas (not pictured), Abel Sanchez, Kaitlynn Thakkar, Sofia Vallejo
Vela Middle School
Vernon Middle School: (L to R)Miya Reasor (cello), Alexzander Rodriguez (bass), Hailey Nino (cello), Hector Trevino-Vazquez (bass), Regina Ruiz-Rosales (cello), Oscar Lugo (viola), David Paz (viola), Aizza Guerrero (bass), and Nicole Fernandez (cello)

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