HCISD FFA members excel at Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show

Harlingen High School and Harlingen South FFA members competed at the 84th Annual Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show in Mercedes over Spring Break and brought home top honors.

Results are listed below.

Harlingen High School 

Hog Projects 
Kierra Flores 12th grade, 5th place
Jadelyn Gonzalez, 12th Grade, Res Grand Champion
Nolan Garcia, 11th grade, 4th and 7th Place
Velia Sanchez, 11th grade, 9th place
Maylie Hernandez, 10th, 2nd Place
Makayla Cruz 10th grade, 5th place
Kennedy Dyer 12th grade, 4th plac

Rabbit Projects
Evelynn Quezada 12th grade, Res Grand Champion
Matthew Castillo 11th grade, 3rd place
Tatum Helmer 10th grade, 4th place
Ryllie Garcia 11th grade, 8th place

Lamb Projects
Julia Archibald 12th grade, 11th place
Dairy Goat Project
Dominic Santillan 11th grade, 7th place
Aidan Anzaldua 11th grade, 6th plac

Goat Projects
Joseth Cortez 12th grade, 10th place
Antonio Aguirre 10th grade, 2nd place
Jackie Orozco 10th grade, 7th place
Horticulture Project
Jesus Ramos 11th grade, 10th place

Naomi Macmanus 11th grade, 2nd place
John Serna 11th grade, 4th place
Michael Gutierrez 12th grade, 6th place
Dominic Santillan 11th grade,  6th place
Bailey Nelson 10th grade, 8th place
Painting Projects
Esmer Barrera 12th grade, 6th place

Harlingen High School South

Youth Horse Show
Hannah Campbell- 1st overall in the OPEN
(All ages) Barrels/ 2nd overall in the OPEN (All Ages) Pole Bending / 1st overall as Grand Champion to win the Youth Horse Show scholarship.

Shop Projects
Angelina Cuevas,12- Excellent Rating (Sale of Champions)
Gabby Vega,11- Excellent Rating (Sale of Champions)
Lexi Saldivar,8- Excellent Rating (Sale of Champions)

Brandon Nieto,7- 2nd Elements of Design
Natalie Vela,9- 2nd People
Jaylynn Sanchez,11- 5th Landscape
Lauren Gonzalez, 9- Participant
Caitlyn Morales,12- Participant
Sara Blackburn, 10- Participant

Alina Martinez, 12-14th

Dairy Goats
Kylie Mitchell, 12- 6th

Breeding Goats
Kylie Mitchell, 12-1st / 3rd
Landry Mirchell, 8-2nd / 2nd / 5th
Jaylynn Sanchez, 11- 7th
Makayla Vela, 11- 5th
Matthew Santamaria, 5- 10th

Breeding Swine
Justin Bauer, 12- Participant
Dariel Jimenez, 6 Participant
Taegan Wade, 11 Participant

Breeding Heifers
Jose Ruiz,10 Commercial- Participant Brahman- 2nd Jr
Luke Riggs,7-Jr. 3rd/2nd, Reserve Division/Open 3rd/2nd, Reserve Division/ 1st

Market Rabbits
Caitlyn Morales, 12-11th Californian
Yvonne Galvan, 11- 3rd New Zealand Whites

Market Lambs
Kylie Mitchell, 12- 1st Southdown
Landry Mitchell, 8- 6th Medium Wool/3rd Intermediate Showmanship

Market Goats
Dakota Tiffin, 9 9th
Liberty Tiffin, 12 5th
Madalynn Garcia, 12- 6th
Victoria Garza, 9- 5th
Landry Mitchell, 8 – 1st (Sale of Champions)
Angel Saenz, 5- 4th
Gabby Saenz, 9- 6th
Kylie Mitchell, 12- 3rd(Sale of Champions)
Aaron Saenz, 8- 6th
Karina Saez, 12, 3rd (Sale of Champions)
Thalia Newlin, 12- 2nd (Sale of Champions)
Vince Rodriguez, 11- 4th

Market Steers
Brandon Nieto, 7- 1st/Breed Champion/Top 5 Intermediate Showmanship (Sale of Champions)
Landry Mitchell, 8- 8th
Thalia Newlin, 12- 2nd (Sale of Champions)
Enrique Rodriguez, 8- 10th

Market Hogs
Sara Blackburn, 10- 3rd (Sale of Champions)
Enrique Rodriguez, 8- 5th
Efrain Cavazos,5- 10th
Victoria Garza, 9- 9th
Alex Silva, 8- 8th
Sophia Cavazos, 6-9th
Dariel Jimenez, 6- 9th
Analee Ortiz, 12- Participant
Kaylee Gracia, 12- Participant
Areli Cardenas, 9- Participant
Makayla Vela, 11- Participant
Camryn Resendiz, 10- 4th
Thalia Newlin, 12- Participant
Emily Espinosa, 10- 4th
Taegan Wade, 11- 5th

Livestock Judging
11th Senior Team: Karina Saenz/ Taegan Wade/ Sara Blackburn
22nd Senior Team: Natalie Vela/ Makayla Vela/ Camryn Resendiz
Gabriella Saenz, 9- Senior Participant
Brandon Nieto, 7- Champion Intermediate Beef Division
Aaron Saenz, 8- 6th Intermediate
Dariel Jimenez, 6- 7th Intermediate

Beef Skillathon
Brandon Nieto, 7- 5th Intermediate

RGVLS Scholarship Recipients
Kylie Mitchell, 12

RGVLS Youth Leadership Members
Dariel Jimenez, 6
Brandon Nieto, 7