HCISD connects students with the path toward graduation


A young man enters the doors of the Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District administration building to the sound of cheers, because he has taken the necessary steps to place himself on the path toward graduation once again.

His choice to continue his high school education was made during the district’s fourth annual Connect to Success Walk on Sept. 7. The event is held each year to encourage high school students, who did not return to school, to re-enroll into high school and continue their path toward receiving a high school diploma.

“Our Connect to Success initiative is our ability to not only impact students but families,” said Superintendent Dr. Steve Flores.  “As we knock on doors and find our students that are so close to graduating, we know it’s an exciting day because they are one step closer to fulfilling their dreams of going to college and establishing a successful career.”

The event allows teams, comprised of HCISD administrators, members of the Parental Involvement Department and community leaders, to visit the homes of each individual and discussed options for a graduation plan.

“The options we provide our students vary depending on their situation,” said Sylvia Gonzalez, Parental Involvement Lead Student Liaison Officer. “We do have evening TAKS tutorials, an evening school of opportunity that they can go to recover credits and prepare for TAKS. The program offers flexible hours in the evening. Another option is to put them right back at the high school as well.”

The day saw the young adults; district representatives and parents hold meaningful discussions regarding their goals for the future, and the steps needed to get there.

“We want students to come back to school and get their high school diplomas,” said Board of Trustees President George McShan. “We are pleased to be able to reach out to young people and allow them to reach their hopes and dreams.

In some cases, shortly after the team left the young adult’s home, the individual would walk through the doors of the administration building ready to re-register and begin classes that Monday. Individuals, who were unable to register during that time, could also visit the HCISD Intake Center, located at 905 E. Tyler Ave.

Team members remained dedicated to reaching out to young adults and encouraging them to re-enter high school. Members even went so far to schedule future updates with the individual to see their progress on obtaining their high school diploma.

The goal of the event may have been to enroll students back into high school, but the bigger goal is to get graduation rates at 100% at HCISD. By providing them multiple options to graduate, the district’s goal is moving closer to reality each year.


To see photos from the event click here.

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