HCISD Cafeteria Manager celebrates 40 years of service  

Seeking a more family-friendly work schedule that coordinated with her daughter’s school schedule, Ninfa Munoz began her career in the Child Nutrition Department at Harlingen CISD in 1983.  

This year, Munoz, the Cafeteria Manager at Cano Freshman Academy is completing her 40th year as an employee in the Child Nutrition Department. 

She is the current longest-serving cafeteria worker in the district.  

“The school district is the best place to ever be working,” Munoz said. “I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.” 

Munoz began her journey in the cafeteria of Gay Junior High where she worked for four years. Throughout her time in the district, she worked nineteen years at Vernon Middle School, then moved on to Milam Elementary for one year. She spent ten years at Vela Middle School and served four years at Memorial Middle School.  

Currently, she is in her second year at Cano Freshman Academy. 

“Whatever school I am at, I always say I have good kids,” Munoz said. “You have to be good to them, and they are good back to you. These students are the best. I am always here for them, and I always hear them out.” 

One of her favorite parts of the job is interacting with students.  

“They love the grapes, the Granny Smith apples, and they love their watermelon, strawberries, and other fresh fruit. So, I try to get them more of what they want,” she said.  

Munoz expressed gratitude to the Director of Child Nutrition, Judy Baker, who encouraged her to apply for the Cafeteria Manager position.

She was also thankful for her coworkers.   

“I work with good employees,” she said. 

When she is not serving students at Cano, she spends her time working at games to support the school district.  

“I work the varsity football games, volleyball, and basketball games,” she said. “And if they need me for any other middle school game or any graduation, I always go work over there too. It’s been over 20 years that I have been working the games.” 

Outside of work, Munoz enjoys staying active.  

“I go to do Zumba, I do step aerobics, and I do Pilates and walking,” she said.  

Munoz plans to continue working as long as possible.  

“I don’t feel like retiring right now,” she said. “I feel like I can still work more because I love what I do.”