HCISD 5th  graders experience middle school  opportunities   

Harlingen CISD middle schools invited elementary students to Experience Arts and Athletics Night last week.   

All HCISD 5th grade students were invited to attend the events held at  Vernon, Memorial, Gutierrez,  Coakley, and Vela Middle Schools. The events are meant to inform 5th  grade students and their parents about extracurricular  opportunities  available as the students transition into middle school.   

Dishman Elementary School student Nayeli Peña visited  Gutierrez  Middle School on Thursday and was excited to learn about the  fine arts  opportunities  available to her.   

In the choir session,  Peña and other students heard from both the middle school and high school directors who  explained what it’s like to sing and perform.   

Over in the orchestra room down the hall,  Peña mentioned her interest in learning the violin.   

“I really like the tune of it. I love the way it sounds,” she said of the violin. “I think I’m going to do well when I join orchestra.”   

Andrea Ramirez, an 8th  grade student at Gutierrez Middle School, explained to Peña the basics of learning the violin and provided her with feedback about her experience as a member of the middle school orchestra.   

“Once you learn the basics in 6th grade, after that, then you just skyrocket,” Ramirez told  Peña.  

Peña noted she is looking forward to learning the basics and eventually competing.   

“The violin sounds really pretty,” Peña said before departing to the athletics session.    

HCISD  Athletics Director Rob Davies spoke with parents about the entire athletics program and the benefit of joining it.    

“Athletics prepares you to go out into the world and be successful,” he said. “I will remember the impact my 7th  grade coaches had on me today.”   

Students and parents then met with middle school coaches for a tour of the athletics facilities.   

The fine arts  opportunities  at the middle school level include band, choir, theatre, orchestra as well as speech, drama and debate.   

Students are also encouraged to participate in athletics. Pre-athletics, which is offered to 6th  graders, includes exposure to a variety of sports including baseball, softball, track and field, golf, tennis, swimming and diving, football, volleyball, and cross country.   

For more information about the HCISD Experience, visit   

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