Harlingen CISD begins distributing devices for remote learning

Harlingen High School began passing out devices for remote learning to students on August 21. They held a soft roll out to ensure that everything would go smoothly prior to the official week of device distribution.

A couple of students who had filled out a survey sent out by the campus were able to pick up the first devices that were handed out.

About 560 devices were requested at this campus.

With masks in place, 11th -grader Alicia Vargas and her mother waited outside of the Harlingen High School office doors to receive a device.

Following all safety procedures, Harlingen High School staff handed Vargas a white bag with the HCISD logo on the front that contained the technology she had requested.

“I feel good that the district can lend me a device,” she said.

When asked her thoughts about virtual learning based on her experience from the previous year she said, “I did good. I passed all my classes, and I liked online learning.”

Other HCISD campuses also began to pass out devices to students who requested them the week of August 24 to August 28.

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