HAEF recognizes Janine Marie Campbell for service to HCISD


This year is Janine Marie Campbell’s ninth year with the Harlingen Area Educational Foundation. For the past three years, she has served as the HAEF President. On August 16, she was recognized for her years of service as she stepped down to take the role of Vice President.

Campbell was asked to become President during a restructuring of the program a few years ago. Under her leadership, several new programs and sponsorships have developed, but one, in particular, is her favorite.

“It’s been a wonderful ride serving as Chairman of the HAEF,” Campbell said. “One project I am the proudest of helping to leave in the DNA of the foundation is Leadercast. I feel that this event fits perfectly with HCISD because it is one of the districts in the RGV that really showcases what it’s like to invest in your staff, teachers, and students. Leadership is seen from our administrative staff to our school board in every capacity. I have worked closely with the Public Relations department and Dr. Art Cavazos. I can’t say enough for all the support that they have given us.”

HAEF assists HCISD with the implementation of programs, projects, and grants such as Leadercast, New Directions-New Horizons, Rising Leaders, Teacher Innovation Grants, and The Superintendent Scholarship Fund.

“We are grateful for the opportunity we have to work with Janine,” said Superintendent Dr. Art Cavazos. “She has done an outstanding job leading HAEF these past three years, and I’m certain that she will continue to do great things on behalf of our students. We thank her and HAEF for all of their efforts as well as their ongoing support and commitment to our HCISD community. We look forward to working with the new President, Mr. Frank Espinoza.”

Espinoza, who has been part of the HAEF for three years and has served as Vice President recently accepted the position of HAEF President.

“I really admire the commitment Janine has put in. She has put a lot of work and effort towards furthering the cause of HAEF. She is truly devoted to the kids and those who receive funds,” Espinoza said. “She has helped not only the kids but the teachers too with programs like the teacher innovation grants. I am extremely grateful, and my role is to assume this position and continue the furtherance of HAEF.”

The Harlingen Area Educational Foundation was established in 1990 and was organized to provide supplemental programs and resources to Harlingen Schools that may otherwise be unfunded or underfunded by the normal operating budget.


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