Gold Perfomers recognized at December meeting

Tuesday night’s regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was a star studded affair.

The board recognized 26 campuses for their Texas Education Agency (TEA) Gold Performance Acknowledgments (GPA). The district earned 69 total gold stars, nine more than the previous year.

The GPA system recognizes districts and campus on 14 different performance standards, including attendance, advance course completion and performance on specific sections of the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS). The GPA differs from the TAKS acknowledgements, released during the summer, when districts and campuses earn overall ratings because the GPA goes beyond pass/fail.

Click here for more information on the GPA.

The board also honored long time teacher and administrator Ann McClelland for her work at the Secondary Alternative Center (SAC).

“I worked with Mrs. McClelland at Harlingen High School,” Board President Verna Young said. “She worked well with others and demonstrated leadership on that campus.”

Attorney Jim Walsh is an esteemed Texas lawyer specializing in education. His Austin-based law firm recognized SAC last year, naming it a model Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DAEP).

“I had the opportunity to watch the DVD that Mr. Walsh put together highlighting SAC, and I have to say it was moving,” School Board member Greg Powers said. “The impact (McClelland) and that school had on those students was amazing.”

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