Gerry Fleuriet announces leave from HCISD school board after 27 years of service

HARLINGEN, Texas (July 25, 2022) — Longtime board member Gerry Fleuriet announced her resignation from the Harlingen CISD School Board in late July 2022.

Fleuriet has served as a board member since 1996.

“She fills any room that she walks into with joy and wisdom,” Board President Dr. Bobby Muniz said. “What an honor it has been to serve alongside her. Her enthusiasm is contagious. She is truly HCISD’s best cheerleader. Her drive has always been to ensure that our children receive the very best opportunities. Our school district and this community are so fortunate to have a board member like Gerry Fleuriet.”

Her journey at HCISD began when she was a six-year-old student at Austin Elementary. She is a Harlingen native and Harlingen High School graduate. Long a volunteer in Harlingen schools, Fleuriet is a former elementary teacher.

In her 27 years as a board member, Fleuriet has participated in decisions bringing about transformational and innovative change to HCISD.

“Gerry has been a pivotal member of our journey,” Superintendent Dr. Alicia Noyola said. “We often talk about the positivity she brings to our school district and our students. She also brings a level of calmness and grace through any type of situation. Her historical knowledge has been such a critical piece in maintaining our momentum as a school district.”

Fleuriet has earned many accolades during her time on the board.

In 2019, she was part of the team recognized as Board of the Year by the Texas Association of School Administrators.

A champion for the fine arts, she was part of the board who received the 32nd Kennedy Center and National School Boards Association (NSBA) Award in 2021 for demonstrating an outstanding support of arts education.

Gerry Fleuriet and her husband, retired attorney E.R. Fleuriet, are the proud parents of son, international attorney Ken Fleuriet, and daughter, Professor & Associate Dean at UTSA Dr. Jill Fleuriet, and their spouses Kari Fleuriet and Bill Spedding, and equally proud grandparents of Kellie Nicole Fleuriet, Matthew David Randolph Fleuriet, and Hazel Marie Spedding.

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