With the first day of school right around the corner, DISH Network employees have made it their mission to make a difference in the lives of young learners.

On August 9, as part of the DISH Cares program, representatives from DISH Network’s Harlingen Customer Care Center presented Dishman Elementary principal Irma Davis with $3,000 worth of school supplies to benefit students at her campus.

“We are very thankful that Dish Cares donated these items to Dishman Elementary,” said Davis. “We have great students and great staff. These items will be made available to our children who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford some of these items. It’s truly a blessing, and we feel very fortunate Dish Cares donated to us. There should be no barriers to a child’s education, so this is a tremendous help to our children.”

Backpacks, paper, binders, glue, markers, and disinfecting wipes are just a few of the items donated by DISH.

“We are super excited that the staff at DISH Network came together to collect school supplies for our kids at Dishman Elementary,” said Superintendent Dr. Art Cavazos. “It’s these kinds of partnerships that remind us of what a great community we live in and what a great school system we are part of. The kids will be ready to learn on day one as a result of the great work of DISH Network.”

With roughly 800 employees, the call center pulled together to carry out its first-ever school supply drive to give students the tools they need to have a successful school year.

“At DISH, we have a program called DISH Cares in which we do everything we can to get involved with the community and try to do as much as we can for the community,” said DISH Trainer, Juan Urbina. “We jumped on the opportunity [to help students] and started reaching out to all of our employees. They were super excited. They loved the idea, and it was an overwhelming success. We look forward to doing this again.”

DISH Cares, the corporate citizenship program of DISH Network, is designed to serve the communities where DISH operates. Launched in 2014, the DISH Cares program aims to protect the environment through sustainable business practices, promote employee engagement in the community and provide emergency telecommunications services to aid in disaster relief efforts.

Click here to view more photos of the school supply delivery.

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