College Showcase: South’s Christopher Hinojosa


What is your career goal?
I want to become an accomplished neurosurgeon in a renowned hospital. I want to be successful on a global scale.

What teacher or teachers have influenced you the most during your time in high school? Explain.
I would say Mr. Keeler was a great influence on my path after high school because he really expected the best out of me. In his SAT program, both he and Mrs. Keeler were very supportive of my college aspirations. They really encouraged me to try to move outside of the normal boundaries to try to succeed on a grander scale.

Describe a school experience that either demonstrates your character or helped to shape it.
Late junior year when I was running for class president, I did have quite a bit of competition so it really did teach me to see the best in everything. While I was hoping for the best, I was preparing myself in the event that I would not win. Fortunately I did win. The whole process really did teach me that I needed to look at each situation from a different angle to see the bright side of everything.

What types of community service have you participated in? What did you learn from that experience? How has it benefited you as a person and/or shaped your future.
In the Boy Scouts of America we have definitely gone around the community with different Eagle Scout projects and different community service projects that we do as a troop. I would say community service is a highlight in my high school experience. Being an Eagle Scout taught me about character. It went beyond schooling. It taught me the definition of a good citizen, putting others before myself, and different other very valuable life traits that I don’t think I would have explored as much had I not been in the program. I’m very grateful for that.

What is your motivation?
Academics have been very important in my life. My parents definitely encourage me to do my best in everything that I do. Essentially it’s just my goals and aspirations to do bigger and better things in the future. Starting now to prepare for that I think will really give me an advantage.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Ten years from now, I’ll be out of medical school and specializing in neurosurgery in a residency program at a renowned hospital. I’m not exactly sure which hospital yet. Of course, I’ll come to research that when it comes closer to that time.

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