Coakley Middle School takes 37th consecutive District Championship

Students from Coakley Middle School continued its tradition for excellence by earning its 37th consecutive district championship.

At their most recent meet, Coakley blew away the competition with a score of 410. The team had 26, 27 and 19 students place first, second and third, respectively. The team consists of 30 students.

Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students competed in UIL academic meets for middle school students. The tournaments consist of 19 categories including math skills, impromptu speaking, and dictionary skills.

Coakley’s success can be attributed to the to the determination and time it its principal, students, faculty, and staff have to the after-school activity.



Coakley UIL students:


6th Grade

Jared Soto                     Amanda Garza

Rebekah Russek            Denisa Ramirez

Eric Sanchez                   Pierre Souffrant

Nicholas De Ponce           Brittney Garza

Lucero Sauceda              Lily Lerma

John Duncan                           Kristian Pasada

Danielle Sylvester           Jasmine Blakeslee

Matthew Landeros           Jonathan Salinas

Jacob Moreno                          Destiny Aranda

Angela Soto                   Nicholas Tapia


7th Grade


Sinai Hernandez             Glenmore Crabtree

Jerry Lefner                    Jason Garcia

Amanda Cariaga             Ashley Garcia

Tyler McFall                    Jordan James

Nate Carney                   Zoe Deal

Gabriel Hernandez          Annelle Rodriguez

Lizzy Everett                   Emily Capetillo

Constanza Ruiz


8th Grade


Karla Khine                                             Elijah Drysdale

Carlos Torres                                         Molly Vela

Janeellei Vergara                               Vincent Mena

Micaela Garza                                       Patrick Ladd

Ian DeJesus                                            Ramiro Delacruz

Abigail Castro                                        Allyson Benavides

Adam Pena                                              Ethan Esquivel

Angela Gonzalez                                  Julia Bender

Jessica Durant                                      Dasia Stewart

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