Board approves vision, mission and goals; adopts new interdistrict transfer policy

The Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District Board of Trustees made two significant decisions that will shape the district for years to come.

First, the board approved a new vision, mission and goals for the entire district, setting the bar for HCISD performance and stating a series of standards that effect students, staff, administration, the board and the community, Superintendent Dr. Steve Flores said.

“This will create a strategic plan that will allow for a lot of stake holder input,” Flores said.“That strategic plan will have a lot of teeth and a lot of merit in how we educate our children. It allows us to be creative. It allows us to think globally. I commend this board because I don’t know if any other board could have put this together.”

The board also approved a new local policy for enrollment that will allow parents who are employed by businesses and organizations within HCISD’s boundaries the opportunity to send their children to HCISD schools.

“This new policy is a win for businesses in Harlingen and for this district,” Flores said. “This board action will allow us to add value to our district and our community without any added cost to our taxpayers.”

This new policy, FDA (Local), provides three exemptions for interdistrict transfers. The exemptions are for parents or guardians who own and pay HCISD property taxes, but do not live within in the district; who are employed by a company with three or more employees or in a company within the district’s boundaries that has been operating for one year within the boundaries; and who pay taxes to HCISD as a business or a leasee.

“I would like to thank staff and this board for considerable study and thoughtfulness that has been given to this,” board President Gerry Fleuriet said. “I appreciate the dedication, time, effort and intellectual energy given to the children of Harlingen and the local business community.”

Parents or guardians interested in an interdistrict transfer for their child will be required to submit an affidavit from their employer evidencing the exemptions tied to employment prior to the start of school. All applications for interdistrict transfer will run through the Superintendent’s office prior to the new school year. Any applications submitted after the start of school will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Under the policy, if a student is accepted for interdistrict transfer, transportation to and from school will be the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

Students accepted through interdistrict transfer will be eligible to attend any campus that has not reached its max capacity, which the district currently defines as 90 percent of total capacity.

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