Treasure Hills Student Council sends rubber ducks for support


The Student Council at Treasure Hills Elementary is showing their support to the students at Sandy Hook Elementary in an unexpected way.

For their last community service project, the council has decided to do “The Duck Project” on May 10.

The project entails student council members to take photographs of a rubber duck anywhere in the Rio Grande Valley or state of Texas. The student will then write on the back of the photograph where the picture was taken. The ducks which will have the city and state from where it came from on the bottom along with the photograph will then be sent to a student at Sandy Hook in order to give them hope and courage while attending school.

Jeanne Jimenez, life skills teacher at Treasure Hills, learned of this project from an article she read online. The article showcased several months ago when the campus received over 500 rubber ducks. Not sure what to do with the ducks, school officials put them all over the elementary school for the children to take. These ducks provided the students with something to look forward to when they went to school each day.

Schools from across the country have participated in this project.

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