Students and parents can now access grades on mobile app

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Sitting on a bench in front of Harlingen High School South, senior Jessica Chavez takes out her phone and within a few seconds she knows exactly where she stands in her classes. It’s a welcome feeling, as she is getting ready to apply to competitive programs and universities this fall, she said.

“I can check on my grades whenever I want to,” said Chavez. “It’s awesome. I don’t have to question anything about how I’m doing, or what colleges and universities may see when they check my application.”

Chavez is able to check her grades at a moments notice through the newly added student info feature on the Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District’s mobile application. Through the feature, students and parents are able to login with their parent/home access center information and view grades, attendance records and more.

Like Chavez, parents are also taking any break they can to get up to date on their child’s progress in school.

“It’s as fast as checking movie times or bank information online,” said Rosalinda Martinez. “I’ll always have the information I want, anywhere I want. It’s great.”

Making the grade checking process even easier, parents and students using the application will have the opportunity to set notifications for anytime a grade or assignment is added or if a grade drops below a certain level. The user can set all of the preferences so the notifications are completely customizable.

“This tool is helping not only my child but myself,” said Rosalinda Martinez. “I’ll always know what to expect on their report cards, and if there is ever a point where they aren’t where they need to be with their grades, we can do something about it.”

Along with grades, students and parents will also be able to view attendance information, which will include statistics on absences and tardies. Throughout the school year, more features, including a tool for teachers to communicate with parents, are expected to launch.

The mobile application aligns with the district’s goal to increase the efficiency of communication between teachers, parents, and students to achieve the district’s goal of meeting all students’ educational needs.

“These features, along with our application, offer our parents and students the unique opportunity to stay connected to their academic progress,” said Superintendent Dr. Arturo Cavazos. “Through knowledge, we increase the opportunity for academic success and continue to propel our community relationship forward on behalf of our students’ futures.”

For students or parents wanting to use this feature, the application is available for download on the Apple store and Google Play Store. It can be found in the stores by searching for “HCISD” or “Harlingen CISD.” To login to the student info section of the app, the user’s parent/home access information is needed. To obtain this information, parents and students are encouraged to contact their or their child’s respective campus.

Instructional videos on how to use the app and its features can be found at and related information on the district’s Facebook page.

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