Student of the Week: Striving to be the best


Ever since Luis Lugo, sixth grade student at Vernon Middle School, won his most exciting chess game in the first round and in less than three moves, he’s been trying to outdo himself.

This year his team earned eighth place in the Middle School K-8 Junior Varsity Division at the Regional Chess Tournament in San Benito, Texas.

During each practice he tests out different strategies that will help him in competition, but at the same time he enjoys his time with his friends and coach.

“I really enjoy chess because I get to hang out with my friends, play my favorite game, and learn more things from Mr. Diehl,” said Lugo.

Always striving to challenge himself, Lugo picked up the viola for the first time in middle school. He remembers how difficult it was at first.

“I started out as a newbie,” said Lugo. “I didn’t know anything about orchestra. I started learning the viola and now I’m one of the best viola players in my orchestra. I got to that point because Ms. Rodriguez my orchestra teacher pushed me to work hard.”

An all “A” student and a top accelerated reader, Lugo displays leadership in that he is a model student and displays great character.

Proud of his campus, Lugo feels fortunate to have a great group of teachers to help him succeed.

“Every day is a source of adventure and learning here at Vernon,” said Lugo. “The teachers encourage me to go forward and be the best that I can be. They relate to us by telling us about their own experiences to show us that we can accomplish great things too.”

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