Student of the Week: Striking the right chord


Mia Olivarez’s favorite day of the week is Wednesday because on that day she gets to practice with her choir’s guitar ensemble. The fifth grade student at Stuart Place Elementary recently joined the 17-member ensemble in hopes of developing her musical skills.

She enjoys hearing her own progress every week as well as the progress of other students as they learn to play guitar together.

“Our music teacher, which is also our choir instructor, Carol Brown teaches us how to play guitar,” said Mia. “So everyone brings their guitar, we pair up, and she teaches us new songs.”

Mia decided to join guitar ensemble because of her love for singing and music. She soon found that there was more to playing guitar than just strumming the strings.

“What is especially challenging is that I have to place my fingers on different parts of the guitar,” said Mia. “Sometimes it’s kind of difficult because I have small hands, so I really have to stretch my fingers occasionally.”

She hopes to put her developing skills to use by trying to write her own songs and creating new melodies. With multi-instrumentalist aspirations, she also plans to join band in middle school and play the saxophone or a percussion instrument.

When Mia isn’t learning music, she is writing. She enjoys writing about her personal experiences. Her interest in writing motivated her to be part of UIL writing.

“I tend to write a lot. I like to write narratives and my experiences,” said Mia. “I keep a journal that I like to write in sometimes. For UIL, I’m going to have to write an essay on a certain topic, and I’m going to have two hours for it.”

Also striking the right chord academically, Mia has continuously been on the Principal’s List as far back as she can remember.

Her goal is to continue to make her teachers and family proud, and one day attend the University of Texas at Austin to pursue a musical career.

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