Student Content Showcase: June 23

Secondary Schools from across the district submitted student artwork created this past school year. The submissions below were featured in Valley Morning Star’s Student Content Summer Showcase on June 23rd.

Submission 1:
Submission1_Part1Submission1_Part2Student Names: Ana Escamilla, Dasia Stewart, Mikayla Cabriales, Kaitlin Rodriguez
Title: Be Yourself
Grade: 9th grade
Campus: Dr. Abraham P. Cano Freshman Academy

Submission 2:
Submission2Student Names: Brianna Garza
Title: Optical Illustions
Grade: 7th
Campus: Vernon Middle School

Submission 3:
Submission3Student Names: Carolina Berumen
Title: Year of work
Campus: Harlingen High School South

Submission 4:
Submission4Student Names: Joy Rocha
Title: Friendship
Grade: 6th
Campus: Vela Middle School

Submission 5:
Submission 5Student Names: Eric Alvarez
Title: Boots
Campus: Harlingen High School

Submission 6:
Submission6Student Names: Johanna M. Hernandez, Reyna Pena, Victoria Cardenas and Ariel Leal
Title: Lina Mayfleet
Grade: 7th
Campus: Memorial Middle School

Submission 7:
Submission7Student Names: Maria Abigail Sanchez
Title: We’re Given
Grade: 10th
Campus: Early College High School

Submission 8:
Submission8Student Names: Heriberto Maldonado
Title: Untitled
Campus: Vela Middle School

On behalf of HCISD, keep up the great work and continue making art.

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