Stuart Place Elementary celebrates 100 years

Stuart Place Elementary held a celebration in March to commemorate its centennial celebration.

The event began with a welcome speech from the school principal, Katherine Johnson, who expressed excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to gather as a community and celebrate the school’s history.

“This school has been or likely always will be a part of who we are, whether you or somebody close to you was a thunderbird student or thunderbird staff member,” Johnson said to the audience.

Cheryl Gray’s legacy of excellence was acknowledged throughout the event. She served as Stuart Place Elementary principal for 18 years. Her family was present at the celebration.

“Her legacy of excellence lives on, and we are all grateful to be connected to that legacy. Because of her, we say and mean these words, ‘Today’s pride for tomorrow’s success.”’

Other former Stuart Place principals were also recognized during the event, including Vivian Bauer, Michele Todd, Alejandra Lara, William Snavely, and Dawn Burbach. They were thanked for their contributions to the school.

Board President Dr. Bobby Muniz expressed gratitude for the students, the staff, the PTA, and the community.

“We celebrate the tradition, the excellence, and the innovation that have been the hallmarks of Stuart Place Elementary, and we look forward to continuing to inspire and educate generations of students for many years to come,” Dr. Muniz said.

Superintendent Dr. Alicia Noyola congratulated everyone associated with the campus and expressed her excitement for the future of the school.

“Today, we reflect on the past, we celebrate the present, and we look forward to the future,” Dr. Noyola said. “As I look across this room, so many of you are part of the history of Stuart Place Elementary. So many of you have contributed to where we are today. I want you to take away that it’s because of you and the role you play on this campus that we are here today, celebrating the magnificence of this school. Thank you all for everything that you have done for this wonderful school. Here’s to another 100 years of pride and success.”

During the event, a group of students performed a skit to share some history of the campus, and another group of students shared facts about some old artifacts such as a letterman jacket, a recorder, and a report card.

Entertainment for the event was provided by the Stuart Place Elementary Choir and Harlingen High School South Mariachi Los Gavilanes.