Schools earn top marks in the Cameron County Math Contest

Schools from the Harlingen Consolidated School District earned top marks for their problem solving skills in the Cameron County Math Contest on March 28.

Houston Elementary, Long Elementary, and Gutierrez Middle School participated in the Cameron County Math contest, an online contest where students in first through eighth grade from all schools in Cameron County solve math questions to earn points for their respective school.

In the competition, students answer math questions online using the free Sumdog website. The students are challenged through online games, which adapt to each student’s level, and give everyone a fair chance to win.

Houston Elementary received first place in the contest earning a score of 469 points. Long placed second with 412 points and Gutierrez placed third with a 134 points.  The students were able to answer at total of 48,809 questions correctly.

The Cameron County Math Contest will hold another competition from April 12 through April 18. To sign up, a teacher from the school can enter their class on the Sumdog website or by clicking here.

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