Sam Houston, Dishman, ECHS chess teams shine at state competition


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Outsmarting the competition, the HCISD Chess teams shined at the State Chess Tournament.

Competing in 6 different divisions with 32 players, the HCISD Chess teams earned multiple awards at the State Tournament held in Houston on Feb. 7-9.

As a team, ECHS came in second for the High School JV Division with players Amadeo F. Drysdale, Samuel Kullmer, Isaiah Rodrigues, Alex Galvan, Amir Rivera Jr., Vincent Mena, Noah C. Weston, Elijah S. Drysdale, and Ethan Esquivel.

The Sam Houston team received second in the Primary Championship Division with players Michael Casas, Gianelli Serrano, Alvaro Nieto, James Cowan, Maxx Perez, and Jazmin Olivares. Fourth in the Elementary Championship Division with the help of Carlos Deleon, Jacob Fox, Gabriella Serrano, Ashley Young, Mikayla Garza, and Brianna Jaure. Sam Houston also placed fifth in the Primary JV Division with the aid of Diego Jimenez, Izabel Vasquez, Julian Gonzalez, Massimo Meneses, and Rory Jimenez. Sam Houston received seventeenth in the Elementary JV Division with the aid of Natalia Young and Ingrid Banda.

Working together, the Dishman chess team came in eleventh in the Elementary Novice Division with players Andres Charles Barba and Destiny Rodriguez. Dishman also received fourteenth in the Elementary JV Division with the aid of Cesar X Cortez, Austin Kennedy, and Houston Kennedy.

The Individual results were as follows:

From ECHS, Amadeo F. Drysdale received fifth, Samuel Kullmer placed ninth, Isaiah Rodriguez received fourteenth, Alex Galvan 33rd, Amir Rivera Jr. 46th, Vincent Mena 49th, Noah C Weston 52nd, Elijah S. Drysdale 71st, and Ethan Esquivel received 76th place in the High School JV Division.

From Dishman, Cesar X Cortez placed 53rd, Austin Kennedy 69th, and Houston Kennedy received 74th place in the Elementary JV Division. In the Elementary Novice Division, Andres Charles Barba received 48th along with Destiny Rodriguez who placed 58th.

From Sam Houston Elementary, Carlos Deleon received 22nd, Jacob Fox 34th, Gabriella Serrano 60th, Ashley Young 90th, Mikayla Garza 115th, and Brianna Jaure received 119th in the Elementary Championship Division. In the Elementary JV Division, Natalia Young received 73rd and Ingrid Banda placed 82nd. Michael Casas placed sixth, Gianelli Serrano 25th, Alvaro Nieto 58th, James Cowman 65th, Maxx Perez 70, and Jazmin Olivares placed 75th in the Primary Championship Division. In the Primary JV Division, Diego Jimenez placed 19th, Izabel Vasquez placed 27th, Julian Gonzalez 29th, Massimo Meneses received 31st, and Rory Jimenez placed 53rd.

With the State Tournament behind them, the teams hope to head to the national tournament later this year.

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  1. I am so proud of our 9 member Chess team and their sponsor for the amazing accomplishments this year. These students have worked so hard on improving their Chess skills and really brought ECHS extra curricular to the forfront. Congratulations on a job well done and deserved. Watch out California Nationals!!!! The Owls coming to town.

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