Registration brings excitement for new Memorial Middle School

Registration for the new Memorial Middle School began with much excitement yesterday.
Students and teachers will be starting the school year in a completely new campus facility that is to open its doors on August 27.

“We are all anxious for the new year and our new facilities to open,” said Memorial Principal Alex Gonzalez. “Every day there are huge changes to the building and it looks more and more complete.”

Teachers are expected to move into the new campus on Monday, and have shown the most enthusiasm for the school’s opening

“Teachers are the most excited I think because they have no idea what they are coming up to,” Gonzalez said. “They haven’t seen the inner campus yet but they know it’s new and that it is something to be eager for.”

The new facility, located on Rio Hondo Road, is modeled after Gutierrez and Vela Middle schools with some minor changes made to be in synch with Memorial’s identity. Once students have settled in the campus will host an opening ceremony. The date for that event will be posted on the HCISD district website.

“We will be there, it may need a couple of finishing touches, but the school will be ready for our students on the first day of school,” Gonzalez said.

Registration for Memorial Middle School will continue at the 13th Street location and the academic year will begin on August 27.

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