Travis Elementary staff gather for leadership seminar

Administrators and teachers from Travis Elementary School gathered today to begin their three-day seminar entitled “Leader in Me”.
The “Leader in Me” initiative is a school-wide model that focuses on an environment of student empowerment, and helps reveal each students optimal potential. By applying the multiple aspects of the model, teachers, students and parents cultivate leadership qualities that help develop the skills students need for success in the 21st century.
“Today is really sketching a vision for Travis Elementary, “ said Dr. Monica Cabajar, management consultant and professor of psychology. “This transformation involves comprehending that every child has a potential for leadership, and for students to able to know that regardless of their background or culture they can be destined for greatness.”
The tone of the event was energetic, as teachers were encouraged to participate throughout the presentations and discussed the upcoming school year.
“These first three days are going to start with teachers learning and internalizing all of these lessons,” said Tiffany Salinas, principal at Travis Elementary. “Once internalized the teachers are going to share this information with our students and help guide us to discover the leadership in every child this coming year.”
Travis Elementary is one of the first campuses to participate in the seminar, and administrators are optimistic that others will follow.
“We are excited that as a team that you have decided to take this step and emphasize the forces of leadership,” said Dr. Arturo Cavazos, deputy superintendent for transformation and school support. “This will set the tone for what we need to be as a district and a society.”
The seminar will last until next Tuesday and the classes will begin on August 27.

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