Person of the week: Saenz writes for HCISD’s future

Connie Saenz is always looking for ways to earn money. Not for herself, but for the for the benefit of the students in Harlingen.

Saenz is the grant writer at the Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District, and her priority is to seek out funds for programs that keep students on the right path towards success.

“ I look for the money so that the district is able to provide these programs that are fun and educational,” Saenz said. “ It can be from money for additional supplies to materials to plant a garden. Anything we can find for the development of HCISD.”

This isn’t the first time Saenz has worked with these types of programs, she has served as the coordinator for the Gear Up program and has volunteered with several organizations. Even though she’s no longer directly involved with those programs, she still gets a great feeling whenever past students bump into her and catch up.

“They remember that we would take them on field trips,” Saenz said. “Things like that make a different, and you never know how it’s going to happen.”

Even in her spare time, Saenz can be found on her laptop searching the Internet for funding opportunities through number of outlets she has collected over the years through hours of research.

“I love my job because I feel like I can make an impact at a broader scale,” Saenz said. “ It is very rewarding for her to see how it unfolds, and the impact they are making with the programs. I don’t get to work directly with the students, but I will jump out of my seat when I get the chance.”

Saenz has been with HCISD for more than 10 years.


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