Person of the Week: Moreno puts safety first at HCISD

With most of his family in education and his passion in law enforcement, it’s no wonder that Jorge Moreno has made it his daily goal to help keep campuses and students safe.

Moreno is the School Resource Officer at Harlingen High School. He works with administrators to solve any security issues on campus and to find new ways to keep the campus safe.  For additional support, he works closely with the Harlingen Police Department, he said.

“I love my job,” said Moreno. “I’ve spoken to several officers and it’s an experience you can’t throw just anyone into. It takes patience and understanding.”

Moreno hopes that while he is keeping students safe, he is also creating a positive environment for students to find their paths towards a successful future.

“I hope that with what I do, I have a positive influence on all of our students,” said Moreno. “If one student will go in the right direction, I’m successful.”

Even when not on campus Moreno works to keep himself ready for the school year by remaining physically active and participating in workshops. In his spare time you can also find him working with Crime Stoppers as a volunteer.

“It’s important to come in with the mentality to be ready for whatever the day may bring,” Moreno said. “It’s part of the basic training in law enforcement.”

Moreno has been at HCISD for seven years, and has worked at both HHS and Harlingen High School South. He started his law enforcement career in Brownsville. Prior to working in law enforcement, he worked as a paraprofessional at Brownsville Independent School District.

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